More Before and Afters

Since we moved in we’d been wanting to buy one of those pine workbenches they sell at places like builders warehouse and do it up for the kitchen. We decided on painting the base in white enamel and staining and varnishing the top.

As you can see, before:


I’m quite happy with the difference, it’s made the kitchen feel far more structured.

Visualising the Interest Rate

I though it might be interesting to try and graph the Reserve Bank’s prime rate data… It goes back a long way. I used Python to scrape and collate the data and PyCha to generate the graph.

UPDATE: I’ve replaced my graphs with new versions made by Russell who corrected my original code by interpolating the data correctly over the y axis.

This is the narrow version.

And this is the wide version (click to download the actual 10000px wide png)

Interestingly enough, todays rate cut *was* on that page earlier today, but now I see it’s gone… so I inserted it manually 😉

Mostly pictures of our cat (and a few of the house)

I finally got around to downloading the pictures off my camera and discovered that most of them are pictures of the cat. I think this means I am officially a cat blogger.

More pictures

In other news, I was exploring an abandoned/demolished building and fell through the floor into the crawlspace (about 1.5m). Yes, laugh it up. I’m okay. My ankle is bit busted up and I have a nice cut on my leg that is starting to get emo.

This weekend was another relatively productive one. I ran cables RF+CAT6 through the walls so we no longer have cabling running down the passage and then fitted a cupboard thing in the bathroom. We were supposed to go for another bike ride but then I did the floor falling thing. We did have tea (well, chocolate milkshakes and scones and milktart) at Rhodes Memorial too.

We also finished watching the end of Season 1 of Californication. Excellent series… Probably the best television series I’ve ever watched. Can’t wait for Season 2.

Over and out.

The Knife Rack Represents Progress

Knifey KnifeyA few months ago, before we had moved into our new house, I decided that one of the small things I couldn’t wait to do was to install a knife rack.

Needless to say I grossly under-estimated the amount of critical work (cleaning, fixing etc) we had to do before we got to the luxuries like curtain rails and knife racks.

Anyway, last night I fitted the knife rack. It definitely feels like we’re making progress.

Please excuse the shoddy mobile pic!

Rapid Fire Update

Oh how naive I was to say “I’ll be tending to dodgy doors on saturday evening”…

More accurately I think we’ve spent about 48 man-hours cleaning this weekend punctuated with bouts of repairs and miscellaneous DIY… The high point probably being when I was lying on my back with my face wedged up against the side of the toilet while we hack-sawed, hammered and generally bashed-off the toilet seat off in order to fit the new one.

But the house is starting to look like a home. I’m taking tomorrow off to tend to other issues like alarms and showerfittings.

The cat finally left the bedroom and is now investigating the entire house and returning to her normal non-leopard crawling self.

I suspect we have a few weeks of repairs and touchups ahead of us before we can safely let the general populous into our abode, but I’m soooo glad I took a bunch of photographs of the place a few weeks ago while the previous tenant still lived there. The before/after photographs are going to be amazing… I hope!

Lots of love,