Computer Mania is shit.

Sit back and grab a coffee, this is a fun story.

Ok, so my girlfriend finally decides to buy a new laptop… we search around for a good price on a decent laptop and eventually settle on an HP from Computer Mania. We go to the Canal Walk branch, buy the laptop and take it home… That’s when the shit starts.

First of all the laptop blue screens while we’re going through the initial installation process… I figure that it might just be a once off thing and we carry on… Then we notice that every now and again the screen blanks out for a few seconds and then comes back on. Driver issues? Maybe… Failing hardware?.. maybe.

Next we notice that the laptop doesn’t actually sit on all four of its feet. The front right hand foot is slightly off the table which causes the whole laptop to wobble while you type… not a lot, but just enough to be annoying.

We press forward hoping that the various issues will go away but they don’t… Installing printer drivers (Vista drivers from the Canon website) for a brand new printer fails and then crashes the laptop.

Eventually the laptop is blue screening on about 3 out of every 5 boots; offering the option of attempting a system restore as a way of trying to get back to a version of Vista that isn’t as broken as what we’re currently dealing with… but the system restore also crashes half way through.

Finally I get the laptop to attempt a scheduled chkdsk. This is an important part of the story. The scheduled disk check, a process that tries to run itself before Vista even starts up, crashes… This should really never happen unless you’re dealing with some serious hardware issues.

I decide that it’s time to take the laptop back to Computer Mania and have them look at it… I assume the obvious; that there is some serious hardware issue with the laptop and they’ll probably have to swap out a hard drive or maybe even the whole thing.

Taking the laptop back was relatively painless; We tell them all the things that are going wrong… I go into detail so as to help the technician with his job… They give us our blue slip and we go on our way… no hard feelings… If anyone is to blame at this point it is either HP or Microsoft. But then…

We wait a week. (Their invoices say they have a average turnaround time of 72 hours). Then a week later I get a call. They want to know what the password is. That’s odd I think. It’s taken a week and *now* they want to know what the password is? Have they even looked at it yet? Obviously not.

I give them the password and they say thanks and I go on about my day fully expecting it to be another couple of days before I get a call to say that they’ve swapped out the laptop due to faulty hardware… But no…

The next day I get a call to say that the laptop is ready… I’m amazed. Maybe it was just a really screwy installation of Vista that was causing all the problems and now that they’ve reinstalled everything is working fine. Except they hadn’t reinstalled. Apparently a “system restore” did the job. Odd, I tried that… but ok. OH, and they removed some malware. REALLY? REALLY NOW? You removed some malware from the laptop? As a systems engineer who’s had to deal with real security issues for a very long time I struggle to believe that the laptop had malware on it. I know Vista aint exactly BSD, but it’s not *that* bad. The only time we ever ran Internet Explorer to download Firefox. I called Bullshit on the malware claim and told the technician to find out what Malware was on the laptop and call me back

Tracing Cookies‘ (sic)… You have got to be f-ing kidding me. First of all buddy, the term is “tracking cookies” and secondly, that’s not malware. It’s just cookies… regular old fashioned… cookies. Calling cookies malware is like calling a pillow a weapon. But this just so happens to be the way that shit computer companies try to scare their customers into believing they’ve added some “value” or “fixed” their computer.

Ok, so I’m pissed about the malware thing, but I’ll deal. The laptop just better be fixed. I ask the technician to please reboot the computer a few times during the day and make sure that the random blue screens are fixed so that I don’t drive all the way out to canal walk for no reason. He says he will. You can see where this is going can’t you?

So tonight we drive to canal walk, eagerly awaiting the return of the now-in-perfect-working-order laptop. I greet the guy Jean (sp) that we checked the laptop in with and he goes and fetches it from the back. I tell him I’d like to boot it up a few times just to make sure… no problem he says.

10 seconds into the first boot and it blue screens.

Now see, I know computers are frustrating… I know they can be unpredictable and difficult to diagnose etc. But really, was everyone involved in the ‘repair’ of this laptop either ignorant or just plain lying? I showed the blue screen to Jean. He acted suprised but I don’t really think he was. He repeatedly tried to deflect the fault on to someone else… his managers, the technicians, “head office”. I kept on telling him. YOU ARE COMPUTER MANIA, you can not disassociate yourself from computer mania.

I told him I want a replacement laptop. We’ll just start from scratch… he can’t do it. I asked to speak to the manager… OH, he *is* the manager. This is almost humourous. Eventually after moaning enough he calls his “regional manager” at home. I appreciate this. I suspect it may be possible for the regional manager (I mean that sounds like it’s an important person right?) to authorize Jean to just hand over a new laptop to make a bad situation go away.

Nope. Regional Manager says that the best they can do is repair it in the morning and have it ready by tomorrow afternoon. Well guess what. That’s not good enough. We dont want that laptop back. We want a new one. One that sits flat on a desk, one who’s screen doesn’t blank out randomly and most of all, one that WORKS!

But hey, what can I do?… I ask to get the phone numbers of all the various manager people and the name of the oke who obviously lied to me when he said he would reboot the laptop a few times just to make sure. I make some mention of bad after sales service and Jean retorts with something along the lines of “no we don’t”… I’m amazed. He still feels that ‘he’ and ‘the store’ are not ‘Computer Mania’ and so therefore he can say that ‘they’ have great customer service. I start trying to explain this to him and then I think (and verbalise to Jean) “What’s to stop me going over there and telling that customer who’s looking to buy a laptop that Computer Mania has bad after sales service?”… ‘Nothing’ Jean replies obviously not realising how much of a dick I can actually be.

So I do. The customer says thanks while the shellshocked salesmen trying to sell him a laptop grins sheepishly in the background. Ahh, that did feel good, thanks for the go-ahead Jean.

So, what I want is a new laptop. I dont wan’t that one back, it obviously has issues… but then again, so does computer mania… so what can you do?

ath. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Sympathies…

    I’m seeing red and my blood pressure is rising on your behalf! Service like this needs to be at least followed-up with a letter to their head office detailing your complaints with their service, not so much the product itself.

    Hope you get a working machine soon, then wipe your hands of Comp. Mania. (I did this when I once asked what they had in the way of hard-drives, and was shown a box of blank cd’s.)

  2. Actually, I asked for a new laptop. I wasn’t sitting back and letting the male have all the fun of ripping a side of this idiot. I must be compensated. This is MY livlihood this idiot doesn’t seem to care about.

    Stupid Computer Mania.

  3. I suggest that you insist on a refund or threaten with legal action if they don’t (claim for damages on your time), some people have had success with this with computer mania in the past. I don’t think you /really/ want another laptop from them, just cut your losses, and buy a laptop somewhere else.

    As an ex-employee of computer mania, I can completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to be associated with the company (even when they’re very obviously working there). They have terrible working conditions, and the company treats the customers really badly. Also, the management seems to go out of their way to find the cheapest staff they can find, with a very high staff turnaround rate, which often means that their average staff member finished school last year and they’ve been working there for a few months.

    I occasionally still buy some odd hardware from them, but nothing as critical as a laptop or a PC.

  4. That really sucks dude. If you paid with a credit card, maybe chargeback? Chain IT stores really are the lowest of the low.

  5. Get credit card transaction reversed with your bank.

    Print a stack of A5 flyers and start handing them out in front of the shop to anybody who walks in or out.

  6. in Canada we have a store called FUTURE SHOP which is very similar to Computer Mania, apparently.
    Best of luck and show ’em who’s boss.

  7. Well if u think Computer Mania’s service is bad, then u must check out some other ITstores were u wait up to 4 weeks for a pc to be fixed.And the reason why people buy at Computer mania is because they are the CHEAPEST than any other store. They olso give very good discounts were other stores will only laugh in ur face when u ask them for discount.SO ASK YOURSELF WHY U BOUGHT THE LAPTOP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE,BECAUSE U COULD NOT GET ANY BETTER DEAL.All my products i buy from them is excellent and when i have a problem with it, i get sorted out way faster than any other store that i have delt with.
    In any case u will most probaly buy there again because the service of there competition is so bad it makes Computer Mania look like 5 stars.And maybe ur attitude towards the salesperson was also not grate.If i were a sales person and a customer must give me attitude i will just turn around and walk away.So before u talk bad about the sp of Computer Mania grow up.

  8. Wifrod

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    Let me get this right, You don’t work for computer mania?



  9. Oh wow, yours is even better than mine, at least you get one complete full comment! And you get a name. 😉 Rian is right it is the regional manager. 🙂

  10. I’ve bought a lot of stuff at computer mania, and sure some of it popped after a few days or some was DOA, but I’ve always found them quite polite and easy going. They can’t really control that (the popping that is) – which I’m sure you understand, but even you should understand when you threaten someone by challenge, they aren’t exactly going to respond well! As the other J pointed out, working conditions there aren’t exactly the greatest. and you’re a bully. I’m sending you to diplomacy classes. I bought something from computer mania recently then took it back just because I wanted something different – there was nothing wrong with it – and they had no issue with that. you were just being a troll, go on, admit it 😉

  11. Gaaavie… Like you said, yes, shit happens. Laptops die, websites fall over etc. The issue here is NOT the fact that laptop died but rather the service we received *after* the laptop died.

    Firstly, like I said in the post, there is no-way-in-hell that they spent any decent amount of time or energy testing the laptop after they “fixed” it… as a result we *could* have gone home *again* with a faulty laptop. They were willing to let this happen.

    Secondly, when your staff tell a customer they will do something and then don’t do it your customer is going to be upset. You then need to make things right… Giving the customer an opened laptop sans remote control is not “making-things-right”. Offering to have them fetch the remote on Monday is also not making-things-right.

    The post above is because computer mania decided to treat a customer like an arbitrary user rather than taking the effort to make sure that an already ill-done customer received the best customer service possible.

    My frustration is not the result of a single event, but rather the sum of many.

  12. “But they make Computer Mania look like five stars”?
    Oh, what a convincing argument.
    I wonder if being able to spell like a second-grader is a requirement for working there?
    not grate?

    Sweet Jesus.
    And yes, I’m having a mild heart attack here from laughing. This is gold.

  13. Firstly, as an employee of computer mania(yes,I’ll admit it openly) I am appalled at the service you endured when and after you received your laptop.It is unacceptable and in no way are you wrong for being upset.If it was me,I would be fuming as well.You must understand that jean is in no way the manager of that store,and I dont think he ever will be.The actual manager of that store would have given you great service and would have personally handled any complaints and problems you might have had.On the testing of the laptop there is no excuse for shoddy service. Computer mania has a 7 day return policy on any product purchased (obviously not consumables)and by all rights thay should have given you a new one.
    Please remember (THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE READING THIS!!!!!) that not everyone who works for computer mania has the same attitudes and responses that you experienced.SOME OF US ARE STILL WILLING TO HELP.It is not always the easiest of jobs and sometimes the solutions are not as easy as well.Picture this figuritive scenario………Your laptop is swopped out,fixed and returned in full working order for Computer mania to now resell.The next client comes in to purchase it and takes it home.8 months down the line,the client has his OS crash on him and tries to re-install windows.Things are going well after this UNTIL he needs to register his copy of windows.He is then told that it has been registered under a different name.Another unhappy customer.SEE,NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT MAY SEEM.not an excuse as you may think,but something to consider.That said……………….there are suppliers,support centers,technical centers and numerous other facets of the computer industry.It is us on the retail side that the most stress of employees is endured.It is the absolute front line of the It industry and it is sometimes overpowering to be standing on the the front line expected to only have a welcome sign as a weapon against some(only some) very disrespectful,arrogant and holier-than-thou customers who seem to think that we are somehow automatically below them.I’m not saying that you are one of them,but understand that it can create a vicious cycle creating disgruntled sales people and in turn creating more dissatisfied customers.Those of us who wish to help suffer the most from this due to a false mindset in the customer from other idiots like jean.I have actually had a customer crapping me out for asking him if he needed help.(no-one else had asked him and he was looking around as if in search of something)When our support troops(ie.suppliers etc)fail to pull through,we are the ones who feel the wrath of the end user.There are sales people and then there are people like me and like the REAL manager of Canal walk Computer Mania who are there for the customers.DONT GENERALISE PLEASE.THE OTHER STAFF AND OTHER BRANCHES OF THIS COMPANY ARE NOT MONSTERS.WE ARE JUST TRYING TO GET BY AND DO THE BEST WE CAN.OFTEN FOR LESS THAN WE DESERVE.COMPUTER MANIA STILL HAS HAPPY CUSTOMERS WHO REALISE WHAT WE TRY TO DO FOR THEM.WE ARE NOT INCREDIBLE CONNECTION WHO YOU MAY FIND ARE FAR WORSE!!

  14. Well i understand your fustrations, i use to work for computer-mania in Cape Town and Canal Walk and to be honest with. Our top priority was to keep our customers happy, cause in the end of the day a happy customer is a good customer. I think you are being abit harsh on them. I still buy all my stuff from them i can buy at the suppliers but, i dont want the hassle from buying there. Have you ever bought a laptop or pc from a supplier. You think this is a headache go buy a pc at a supplier. Youre just a number…NOTHING ELSE… I can probaly guarantee you, they did their at most best to keep you happy. But some ppl just like to be full of shit and give the guys a hard time. I delt with ppl like you in the past and unfortunately you are the kakest tipe of customer. I suggest get something better to do with your time. When i think of ppl like you i really get pissed off… Out of 100 customers there is always one of you. IF i was you i would appologise to the manager and salesman because im sure they did it more than once. We all make mistakes but i guess you are perfect. What im saying is take a break have a kit kat…. Im sure you are sorted already and what you said you did while the guy was making a sale is uncalled for. They are trying to make a living would you like it if i come and do it at your work place….

    I would like it if you would reply on this..

  15. Adriaan, congratulations. You are the first person to respond with decent critical comment… I acknowledge that I am not an easy customer to deal with. I expect good service… When I don’t get good service I get upset. When I don’t get good service *and* I get lied to I get angry.

    There were some real gem responses by the way.
    This one I loved “Like I said, there is no bad after sale service only bad customers. Quess what? You are a bad customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    That many exclamation marks *must* mean he’s right.

  16. @Employee

    You are right… There are obviously some good employees at computer manias… however, when it came to the crunch, computer mania senior management took on the role of “We did nothing wrong”.

    So, to all the good computer mania employees. Keep on doing what you do and do it well. Maybe one day you’ll replace the senior management and build the computer mania brand into a strong name again.

    Also, I regularly buy computers and parts from various dealers. I agree, you are always just a number… but, when something is not working they’ve always fixed it or replaced it.

  17. Hein, I chose not to post your comment because you were unable to string an unoffensive literate sentence together. If you want to be a Xenophobe then by all means, go wild but do it somewhere else.

  18. I worked in customer service for many many years and I’ve had my fair share of customers shitting on me because the product was faulty. And I am not the most sweet “customer is always right” sales person. I give it back as good as the customer gives it to me. BUT, my experience in customer service has showen me exactly what the sales people can and cannot do. There are limits to what a sales person can do, but “sorry” is always an option.

    We were never told sorry. Not once did anyone say “I’m sorry, we will sort this out asap”. The customer may not always be right, but as a sales person, their job is to pacify the customer. As EVERYONE in customer service will tell you . . . if a customer gets good service, they tell no one….if a customer gets bad service, they tell everyone”.

    In our case, everyone tried to pass the buck. Its not the sales persons fault, it was the tech person. It wasn’t the tech persons fault, its HP’s fault. Its not Computer Manias fault, its whoevers fault. Someone has to take responsibility at some point.

    As I said to Juan in the store when the laptop blue screened upon it being returned to us “You are representing the tech guys right now”. Just as he was also, at that moment, representing Computer Mania. Customer Service people always must remember they are representing a company to their customers, and to say otherwise is letting your company down. Which Juan did, btw. He actually said to us “I’m not Computer Mania”. Sorry, but while you are wearing a Computer Mania shirt, you are Computer Mania.

    The only person who dealt with us who I feel sorry about for is Kobus. He sold us the laptop, and while not the brightest crayon in the box, he did not get involved in the politics when we came upon him after this all started. He apologized and kept his mouth shut. A good sales person in the technical sense.

    Look, there are Computer Manias all over the world. In Canada, where myself, Kathy and Sherrie are from, its Future Shop who give bad customer service. So don’t for an instant think I feel this is indicative of South Africa. I could have very well walked into Future Shop and gotten crap service (and in fact have).

    I also understand that sales people are not paid enough to deal with cranky customers like Jonathan and I were. And so, maybe, just maybe if Future Shop, Computer Mania and stores like them paid their sales people enough, the sales people who feel slightly more inclined to feel effectively with their customers.

    Thats said, unfortunately, my experience with Computer Mania is enough to never send me there again.

  19. Can I just ask one question to everybody who made bad comments towards Juan and Computer Mania? Do you enjoy breaking down people by saying things like he is an idiot and is spelling like an second grader is a requierment? Please people, get out of the child ego state and realise that you don’t know the employee’s of Computer Mania. Computer Mania is a stepping stone for young people to find there feet and as I know, it is not the best job in the world, but it is still there choice to work there. Not everybody could afford to go to Colege and study to become an IT expert. People buy 80% on emotions and 20% on logic. That is why when a customer buys a product with emotions he puts he trust in the salesperson and company. When that trust is broken you get what we have here today, a disappointed customer. This hapens on a day to day bases with hundreds and thousands of people and so it will go on until the end of days. So please Mr Customer don’t feel bad, it hapens to everybody. Like I said before it is how you as a person handle the situation, which will result in what the outcome would be. You feel disappointed and felt to act by making coments over the internet, and I respect the fact that they should have checked the laptop before you came to colect, but I still feel there is 2 sides to a story and we are all just reading about the one. For the coment of the Employee. You should not talk bad about the people you work with, this will not result for you to be employee of the moth, but rather make people see you for who you really are. With all do respect, I feel this whole situation could have been treated with more care.

    Ps Mr Employee, you should not use other Companies names!!!

  20. I approved Hein’s comment because I felt it needed to be done. Spelling like that deserves to see the light of day. You just can’t script a response like that any better… colege. Wow.

  21. Apologies for mentioning the afor-mentioned persons name,it was wrong.But it was only in reference to comments previously made.I have never worked with the guy so I wouldnt know what he is really like as a person.If my character is in question over this, it is only for not correctly paraphrasing Riaan earlier in this blog.I will be careful in future.My point is simply this – I do not wish to slate any of computer manias staff,only the unfair service the customer received at Computer Mania.Needless to say,Hein Nefdt your point about two side of the story is true.I do not know what happened,therefore I cannot comment about the situation with any certainty in my words.You seem to understand what we often go through though and I’m hoping this sorts out the mistunderstanding.Jean could be an upstanding employee for all I know.Maybe one day I’ll go work there and find out.About mentioning the OTHER store.I dont really think that should be a problem.Isn’t our name in Question too?Should it only be us.Having worked for both companies I am all too aware of the difference between the two.The jist of my response was received graciously by the author,so I am glad for that.

  22. To those who work at Computer Mania:

    Actions speak louder than words. So give up the arguing and fix the damn laptop already.

  23. I would like to see you spell in Afrikaans, or maybe I sould comment in Afrikaans. The swear words are so much better in my language. Once again Mr customer you can’t give a good comment without being sarcastic. If I was the salesperson and you spoke to me with sarcasm, I would not need spelling to put you in you’re place. I know you are not going to post this. Do us all a favour, post yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I little birdy told me in which manner you spoke to the salesperson, so I don’t think you have a leg to stand on. You are just one of those people who think you are better then the rest. Like Adriaan said “one out a of 100”.

  24. I find it amazing that the same people who originally berated me for wasting my time like this seem to be wasting a lot of their own time writing comments in defence of their spelling.

  25. arbitraryuser

    For once i’m going to agree with you. I am wasting my time and so was Computer Mania when they sold you the laptop, which i believe they fully refunded? So they all lived happily ever after.

    Hope that you succeed in you little quest, trying to give Computer Mania a bad name. Everybody out there is laughing at you. This whole webpage is a joke, but I would like to thank you for keeping everybody intertained, while Computer Mania is selling more laptops to happy customers.

    Like I said, there are 2 sides to a story, so the next time you go to Canal Walk, don’t think because you have to pay parking that you are going to recieve 5 star treatment. There are people working there who try to make a honest living.Don’t walk up to other customers and say what you did.
    I understand you’re frustration and if the service is bad, then just don’t buy from them. No need to go on about it. It’s not going to help. Have a word with the manager/owner in private or make a complaint.

  26. I’m having a knee slapping laugh at all this. But I have information Hein and the rest of them don’t have right now. So really, my good laugh is somewhat biased.

    I *should* have waited to write this later when I am at Vida E on my Apple, bought from a store which actually respected their customers.

  27. What was the stores name? Seeing that they give you such good service when BUYING a product. You only comlained about Computer Manai’s after sale not the BUYING experience. Lets see what happens when you have problems with a Mac in South Africa.

    Saying that, guess we will be reading about this store in the future.

  28. Hein, please. While none of us are A1 spellers, I get headaches from trying to decipher your writing. I teach 2nd year university students and I’ll say the same thing to you as I do to them when its obvious the education system failed them – your writing is weak at best and I have no idea what point you are trying to make anymore.

  29. Rian, please. While all of us are A1 buyers, we all get headaches listning to your poor comments. Stick with the program and discuss the topic at hand, not what you teach. This is not the life of Rian!!! Let me put it in 2nd grade terms for you. 49% OF MAC IS OWNED BY MICROSOFT WHICH LEAVES US WITH 51%. THIS 51% IS OWNED BY MAC. WHAT IS THE CONCLUSION? YOU ARE GOING TO FLIP IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG WITH YOUR MAC AND YOU DON’T RECIEVE ANY AFTER SALE SERVICE. JUST REMEMBER THIS WEBPAGE IS FOR SENDING COMMENTS ABOUT YOU’RE EXPERIENCE. LEAVE YOUR TEACHING SKILLS AT BAY AND STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU ARE MARKING A TP(term paper). If you don’t understand what i’m saying, switch places with your students!!!!

  30. why can’t everybody just live together in peace, love and harmony?
    clearly this blog has gone way past the original point.
    unhappy customer. bad after sale service. post on blog. stupid comments.
    some amusements.
    At the end nothing was really achieved.
    can we please leave it at that now?
    the guy who posted this, is not going to buy at cm again. thank goodness. so everybody is happy!

  31. Hey Jonathan, are you ever gonna shop at Computer Mania ever again?

    You’re right, Rian, I have been thoroughly enjoying this.
    In all seriousness, to Hein: if you want to debate a point, it’s much better received when it’s written properly, with good spelling, and a clear point. I’m not being mean, but honest.
    And I think that the buying experience doesn’t end with the actual purchase; rather, the treatment that these people received after they forked out a pile of cash on a lappie was pretty bad. Maybe you don’t fall into that category, Hein, but obviously other people did. I’m guessing that the folks at Computer Mania work only on commission (as employees of the infamous Canadian store with initials FS do). This, to me, is the only explanation for this bizarre behaviour.

    And scene.

  32. MJ

    Nice one!!! This is true and as you can see, these people live in a world of education and facts. Asking for a free 1gig memory module. Hahahaha. Profit is not a round figure and that is a fact. Learning how to develope emotional intelligence should be part of your education. Sarcasm fully imported. Priceless. I live for comments like these and as I have proven to everybody on this webpage, Computer Mania is not the issue here, it’s the fault you see in others.

    Here are a few quotes from the arbitraryusers…

    e.g. idiots, not the brightest crayon in the box, is 2nd grade spelling part of the requierments est.

    Beeing in customer service has made you the worst kind of prospects!!!

    Thanks Rian and Jonothan for giving me the opportunity to prove my point!!!

    THE END of your shopping experience at CM (hopefully)

    I think i’m going to buy myself a MAC now…..

    a BIGMAC!!!

  33. Hein,

    You DIDN’T prove a point!. You fail to understand what a point might even be in this case. You just rambled….thats not a point.

    I do live in a world of education and facts. And sorry, but so do you. Go talk to your friend who directed you to this site. I’m sure hes got some interesting thoughts on the matter now (more than ever).

  34. i didn’t know telling someone that their spelling is on par with a second grader’s was an insult.
    if it bothers you that much i take it back.
    you don’t have spelling like a second-grader. my apologies.

    hey Rian, did I tell you about a couple of kids who got arrested for saying nasty things on that specific social networking site about people? like, really gross, derogatory, and sexist crap. yeah, no kidding. and they’re 14, and they were charged with harrassment. they probably got a lighter punishment ’cause they’re only kids.

  35. A “bod”, communication gap, missing remote and what do you get? One might get upset or even throw a tantrum…it’s ok…but please… U state the fact it came with a remote was the selling point…? HA!! My phone/notebook combined with BT gives me more functionality! 10 g’s for a lousy R200 remote… HP must be making a killing on that one… PS. Good luck on mac os support in SA…and printer…O, and my car is faster than yours and I’m Afrikaans…

  36. I feel like this thread has deteriorated into somewhat a pointless argument composed by people who would otherwise be debating which WWF wrestler is the strongest.

    In closing:

    * Microsoft does not own any part of Apple computers.
    * We bought the mac from Project3 and I blogged about how good their service was the same day.
    * “And Scene” is what she meant… it is not incorrect.
    * I’m sure that your car is amazing.

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