Body hack…

Apparently I’ve pinched a nerve in my back. This results in random searing back pain accompanied shortly thereafter by nausea and headaches. It’s not comfortable but one thing that Rian read about today did help amazingly. Take a block of ice, put it in your mouth and push it up against the back of the top of your mouth… Apparently this cools your hypothalamus which, for some types of headaches, stops a feedback cycle and can occasionally fix a headache in its tracks. It worked for me!



2 thoughts on “Body hack…

  1. Um, don’t think it works by cooling your hypothalamus (it’s pretty far away from the roof of your mouth) – more than likely the nerve you pinched is on the same branch as the facial nerves that feed the mouth, and the cold input overpowers the nerve. There is a similar trick for toothache – grab an iceblock and hold is between the squishy bits of your hands at the base of your thumbs, and the toothace dulls.

    I think if you could affect the basal structures of the brain with an iceblock, you would be in for an interesting time with col drinks – like losing your way home. But then again, that is true for cold BEER, so maybe there is something to it.

  2. heh, I’m only going by what I was told at the time. My girlfriend had just googled migraine relief or something to that effect. I think you’ll find that if you google it enough you’ll find the same article. Quite frankly I was so desperate that they could have told me it cooled my dingledangle and I would have tried it…

    And it worked, which is really all that matters.

    shot for the info though.

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