Odd murmurings about diet.

I’ve been on a pretty strict diet since last Monday and although the goal of the diet is simply to lose some weight I’ve noticed a few very interesting things during the week.

  • Mindset is King. I don’t know what flipped the switch in my head, but I feel ready to diet now. I think this is very much to the “can’t quit until you really want to quit” argument for drug addicts etc.
  • It’s not that hard. I’m not hungry. When I notice myself getting hungry it’s usually less than an hour away from lunch time etc so I just push through till then.
  • I feel better. It’s not that I used to feel bad, but I just generally feel better, less lethargic. I didn’t expect this.
  • Eating smaller portions is a habit you can get addicted to. I used to eat really big meals, now I’m trying to see how little I can eat while staying healthy.
  • It doesn’t take long for your body to adjust… by Thursday I was already feeling stuffed after eating a relatively small dinner.
  • It can be hard to make healthy food interesting but it also gives you the freedom to experiment a lot since you’re going to be having a chicken breast 3 times a week etc. My chef is doing a really good job of trying to keep dinners interesting.
  • I get cravings for massively unhealthy food (think deepfried everything). This is probably the result of my body not knowing what the hell is going on and trying to get me to eat some “normal” food. This will obviously pass.
  • At this point I’m very aware of the diet still, I’m sure that as I carry on it will become “normal” and I’ll stop thinking about it.
  • Saturdays are dietary “off days” and I had a chicken mushroom pie. My lord did it taste good 😉
  • Fruit is pretty good stuff.
  • I’m aiming at a loss of 1kg per week. I lost 2.5kg in the first week. I don’t expect that trend to necessarily carry on into the subsequent weeks, but who knows? I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Odd murmurings about diet.

  1. J, continue on with this diet. But between 3 – 6 months you will find that you cannot lose anymore weight. When that time comes you shall be ready for morning exercise.

    I call bullshit on 99% of diets as they don’t encourage people to exercise. “Start the amazing Skylo diet today and lose weight without exercising!” This is wrong. The human body cannot be healthy without exerting it a little.

    Try some exercise in the morning dude. It will take time for the body to adjust the same way it did for the dieting but you will feel the best ever.

    Kudos on the smaller portions, I am still trying to figure that one out 🙂

  2. Skiii, yup, I’m definitely going to have to start exercising… My plan is to start going for a ride in the morning starting at the beginning of week 3, (ie, Monday).

    There’s a big difference between losing weight and being healthy… Ask a heroin addict. I’m planning on doing both, but I want my body to get used to eating the kind/amount of food I’m currently eating before I start pushing myself too hard.

    Ironically I spent the whole weekend working on the house and barely ate. Not sure how to explain that… but yeah, I’ll let you know on Monday how my exercising is going.

  3. Sounds good. I’ve been giving it another shot too. This morning all I wanted for breakfast was delicious bacon and eggs at the place next to my office, but I’d brought oats in with me. So I forced myself to walk straight past the restaurant and upstairs. I’ve eaten my oats and I’m about to have a cuppa rooibos. And I feel like I’ve achieved something, as weird as that sounds.

    Oh and I’m chatting to my gym about sessions with a personal trainer and how broke that’ll leave me.


  4. This is brilliant. You could be the next Oprah.

    The only problem with a diet is that it requires concentration. I don’t care about hunger and I love the taste of fruit and veg. But somehow when around friends, my diet seems to include more wine and other forms of alcohol, desserts, pastas…

    So how do you answer that – how do you remember not to pig out and still spend time with friends. That is the Rmillion question…

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