Quality Vacation Club Scam

Just to add my 2c to the herd.

There is a group of people who operate under various names and basically phone people, tell them they’ve won a car or something and then make them attend a prize giving where they discover they’ve won nothing but then subsequently get lured into some contract holiday garbage which invariably ends up costing them way more than they expected. This bait and switch operation is the very definition of a scam.

Long story short, if someone phones you and says you’ve won something, don’t believe them… alternatively you can tell them to drop off the car at your house when they have a moment ๐Ÿ™‚

In the mean time, another South African blogger wrote some stuff about the scam on his blog and QVC are subsequently trying to sue him for over half a million rand, which is basically their way of saying “We’re bigger than you”… well, they might be, but they’re not bigger than all of us.

You can read more about this case here and here

ps QVC, aka Quality Vacation Club, aka Prestige Business Solutions, aka Unique Connections, aka World Connect/VIP/VIP World Connect, aka Prime Vision, aka Media Magic, aka Mega Communications, aka Ezweni Communications, aka Dynamic Communication, aka Real Communications/Real Communication, aka Ecoworld, aka Market Matrix.

Why would a legitimate business need so many aliases?

I encourage other bloggers to get this story out into the wild so that these con artists start to feel the google crunch.


214 thoughts on “Quality Vacation Club Scam

  1. Also received a call from them claiming i’ve won free holiday accommodation for a week, and they just want feedback on their resorts… They want me to go to their Bryanston office park tomorrow to collect the voucher…. Well, after reading this… don’t think so… Or maybe i should go with a camera crew from EWN.. lol

    1. I received a call from them about 5 minutes ago. They told me to come to their offices on Saturday. Their address is 20 Georgian Cresent East Hampton Office Park Eastbury House, Bryanston. Are these the same guys? Did anyone have any experience going there? Are they Legit?

      1. I just received a call from them as well, the address is the same as the one mentioned above, 20 Georgian Cresent East Hampton Office Park Eastbury House, Bryanston. I was planning on going, now after I have read this I will not be going.

      2. I just got call from them as well and thanks to you guys that i google them adn got this information before going there to regret later. Thank you

      3. Hi, I know this is an old comment but did you go? I got a call from them now as well. Same address.

  2. Thank you guys for this blog… i also received a call from this people. i am supoz to collect a voucher today at 15:00, my wife was done prepared to hit the road…something says google this people first… and wow wow wow mine eyes wud not believe what i saw.

    Thanx a million. i wish everyone wud do a background check before taking decisions…

    Thank you guys

    1. is it a holiday voucher they asked me to come along with my wife to collect a voucher…apparently…thers gona be a 60mnts session of briefing..lol…do I go ther with cops

  3. These guyz really mean business just received a call from them think i am informing the cops or taking them there for real

  4. lol this is funny, when I thought I won a free holiday. thank you guys I was supposed to collect my voucher on Friday at 14:00

  5. Thank you guys , you actually saved me from this trap…those people keep reminding me about the rdv..
    definitevely i ll not going tomorrow

  6. Thank you guys for this…jus received a call they said I shud cum colect my holiday voucher in lynwood..one need t go der with cops

  7. Thank God i googled this solice pulchellus and came across this blog, this ppl also called me on monday to come to collect the voucher at their offices in Lynnwood ridge, Coelum Fortis. And the moment they called me i was just thinking its my bf ‘s birthday month end so why not treat him with this free accomodation voucher to durban. I was already making travelling arrangements and was going to collect the voucher this coming saturday….. Thank God i came across this

  8. please don’t be angry at me but i once worked there and truly speaking they just want you to join their club and pay some amount of money every month even though you don’t use the “voucher” they gave you.

  9. guys thanks for being my life saver, i had an appointment today @5pm so before i go i told myself to google their company to see what their services unknowingly discovering this secret, no. 0873104763, address 94glenwood road, pretoria.
    i am not going there anymore

    1. Thank goodness, I just received a call from these people.. telling me the same thing… I have an appointment with them on Wednesday, I will not be going, So thankful for this blog.

  10. My daughter was so excited and thought she won something for the first time in her life. She was so disappointed when I checked them out and gave her the bad news.At the end of the old saying saying applies – if it sounds “too good to be true, it usually is”

  11. joh I was suppose to go aswell I received call from them telling me of 5 days voucher and I should come collect Friday at 14h00 joh thank u guys

  12. Got the same call just now. I was “referred” to them by a friend who also got the voucher, but they don’t have the details of the friend. I need to go and collect a voucher for a free holiday for my husband, two kids and I and in return all I have to do is spread good word-of-mouth…blah blah blah. I think I might miss my appointment…

  13. I worked at they’re one resort, it is clear that people are making uneccesary complaints QVC yes is a timeshare devision also representing many lodges for RCI Gold Silver and Bronze lodges if any of youy have any doubt go visit http://www.crystalsprings.co.za make a booking and go to the place its not more than one aliace’s its multi level marketing which is when more than one company markets the same lodges, and its because people are so rude when you phone them that marketers have started using pitches which you call scaming is not scaming it is a pitch to get you interested, just the same way spur waiters sell you a quacamole buirger when some of them have never even eaten one, yes there are scams out there, but QVC is by far a true loyal company doing what every marketing company does out there so stop being rude when a marketer phones you or knocks on your door each of those people have a job to do and if you can’t afford it politely say no thank you don’t do what you just did because if this was your company you too would want to go up in life

    1. Their contracts are illegal since it has no exit clause in the contract, that’s according to the National Complaints Commission of SA.
      So people that are already trapped in this contract have every right to be angry at QVC since they are scamming the general public out there by into signing up.
      There’s a difference between scamming and marketing FYI!

  14. Thank you for this. Got a call from them just now. I fell in the trap with another company before and had to get a lawyer to get my money back. Fortunately the rule of ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ was applicable and I could get my money. Now I shall let them know I am not interested, I asked him about the session and was told no session, just collection…

  15. Beat them at their own game…..

    I have gone twice to their presentation…played along with what they offer me and wanted me to trade in my RCI timeshare… left them hanging took my vouchers and left….

    First time(when there promk offices were still at a lodge in hammanskraal)my fiance went with me… we got voucher for B&B in sedgefield… and 50%off for all inc kenya trip…. none of which we were able to use. My most recent playback(invitrd to bryanston but went to pta offices in glenwoo) I went alone as my husband could not attend…so they were semi-cheeky about me being alone there…but it landed me with a weekend trip for 4 to any of their destinations and we have booked mabalingwe.

    It is partly a scam BUT .. you do get the voucher irrespective if you take them up on their offer. You just have to stick to your guns because they will try make you buy immediately. All you say is no…or ill think about it…

    Lets see what visit number three gets me ๐Ÿ˜‰ maby ill buy next time…….

  16. wow, they phoned me today to come and collect the voucher tomorrow. i just decided to google it first and imagine my surprise.

    thank you so much for opening my eyes.

  17. Oh well,seems like I just received the same call too about coming to collect a voucher in Lynwood at 94 Glenwood Street. This is the second time now receiving such a call. I’m surprised on where they got my number. They even sent me a reference number that I am supposed to use when coming to collect the voucher… What a shock!!!

  18. In fact the first call they mentioned that their offices are in Menlyn. Now why all of a sudden do they change their venue?! I’m sure the woman who called forgot to tell the man that called the second time around ,where she said they are situated… So dodgy!!!!!

  19. 14th of September 2015 and I too got this call and told the same story and agreed to meet them at 94 Glen wood but don’t have time to waste going there to give them a run for their money… I hope they call again so that I can waist as much of their time as I possibly can =D Thanx for the blog by the way =)

  20. And they still going at it LOL, did the same searched the address and came across all these red lights. One thing is i have a actual voice recording of him saying you get the voucher with absolute no financial commitment needed. Not that im going, they are far to smooth mouthed and the vouchers is most probably in the weirdest of places and never have space just like Vacation Club.

  21. Also received a call for free accommodation haha..i think we should play through with the idea dn hold them liable for the cost of the stay, the call is recorded and we have proof of what was promised.
    Contact me on watsapp and we can move as a unit to get these guys back with their same medicine ๐Ÿ™‚ 0791087666

  22. I received z call from this people and said I should come and collect the voucher the SAPS have heard about this what is the government doing about this from 2008 up to date they are playing cards with the people.

  23. I received a call from this people and said I should come and collect the voucher the SAPS have heard about this what is the government doing about this from 2008 up to date they are playing cards with the people.

  24. Thanks to this blog these bustards will be exposed. The scam is still happening November 2015?!!
    I got a call on Monday from this number 087 310 4763 that I have been randomly selected to get a free voucher to visit one of their resorts. Lol, yes I was told to bring my partner and that I will not be joining or paying anything.

    I actually have an appointment with them (Solice Pulchellus) in Bryanston. Please take note of their new address: Hampton Office Park 20 Georgian Cresent East, 1st floor eastbury House Lumen Ventis BRYANSTON ON WILLIAM NICOLE.

    Thanks to everyone who is trying to expose these scammers, I hope those who signed do manage to find a way out of this rubbish.

  25. Hi guys I don’t no how to get rid of my QVC points they get us in Midrand with a scam and make us buy the thing with all sorts of good stories if there is some one who can tell me how please advice I go on pension

  26. I too received a call from Felicity Kluter offering me a free accommodation at one of their new resorts which
    they have purchased. All I have to do is provide my own transport, and meals, its self-catering. All I have to do is pick up a voucher from their office in Bryanston GPS: 26 2’19.709″S, 281’7.584″E. Her manager AMANDA, will be contacting me shortly to confirm that she did speak to me. …I must bring my ID along to
    collect voucher with my partner. One interesting is she asked me if my cell number which called at is registered in my name, that’s very strange! If I had any query I should contact her at 0873104763 which is their head office. MANY THANKS TO GOOGLE AND THOSE THAT MADE ME AWARE OF THIS.

  27. Hi guys I got a call from Ashwin Snyman this morning from the number 087 310 4763 and told me that one of my friends or family have been to Mabalingwe in Bela Bela and gave my number as reference. I am being awarded a 5 day holiday at one of their 15 resorts all accommodation paid, all I need to do is worry about food and transport. WOOOO HOOOOO !!!!! I am collecting my voucher at 291 Sprite Street in Faerie Glen on Saturday at 14:00. I cant wait yeah man im going on holiday…………. Not really , I hope that you all could see the sarcasm there. Thanks guys for this blog I almost fell for them.

  28. I was contacted by the Solice Pulchellus (Pulchellis?) people as well, and would have gone to an appointment tomorrow. I am very grateful that I read this and cancelled before wasting my time or getting into hot water. They told me that the company is developing new resorts and that certain persons were selected to “test” the accommodation for free, and would only need to give feedback afterwards. I must say that it did sound pretty fishy anyway. Btw, their address is 291 Strike Avenue, Menlynwoods Office Park, Faerie Glen.

  29. Guys,it means dis scam has been going on 4 years now.I received a cal 4rm a lady called Princess (02/02/2016).She told me dat i had won a 5 day holiday at one of their best resort.De only way i can claim was to go to their offices in faerie glen,menlyn woods office park 2gether wit my husband nd 2 bring along our id’s.

    When we got there,we went straight to coelum fortis offices.Was told to fill up a form nd wait for our turn to get vouchers.Nd 2 my surprise,it wasn’t just us.There wer 3 other couples.Now,each consultant came to take each couple.Remember,my husband asked for additional 30mnts of lunch tym so that we can collect vouchers.Lol,den our consultant told both me nd my husband that whether we agree or not in what he was abt to tell us,we r still going to receive vouchers.Den hahaha my husband knew by dat tym dat we wer abt to be scammed.First,de consultant spoke 4 almost 25mnts den stopped wen my husband said “enough,dats not what we came here for”.Guys,believe me if u not careful,ul be scammed broad daylight.Those guys r too convincing nd very friendlyThey’ll make u sign without evn thinking.U’ll be told about timeshare nd hav to pay around 8500once off bla bla bla until it reaches 34000 bla bla bla.So rather not go nd waste money u dont hav for fuel.At the end of day,ul get nothing if u dnt sign up wit dem.No vouchers,waste of petrol money just plain rubbish…dont go there,be warned

  30. WOW so this guys are scammers (solice pulchellus), i just received a call from them now 02/03/2016 11h59, that i need to collect a voucher for a 5 day holiday,collection address 20 Georgian crest Bryanston, 2 March 2016.

    what do i do guys pls help………

  31. Hi guys this is for real I went there to collect the voucher I spent the whole week in Mpumalanga without paying anything I went with my kids u r missing I went on the 28 Nov 2015 came back on the 4th of Dec

  32. Almost fell for the scam today
    They have an office in a office park everything seems legit . they have a form and at the bottom of the form they ask you your income thats when I laughed amd decided to leave

  33. These people must be arrested, everyone is saying they got a call from this guys but no one is reporting them to the police, l know because of time but they are other ways to get them arrested

  34. i just recieved a call from this number 0873104763. The guy had a very foreign accent. Tried to sell me some free 5 day voucher to try out any of they 15 lodges. They giving it free as they need customer feedback. what a load of nonsense. I told him I am not interested as I don’t have time. He slammad the phone down. How professional hey!

  35. Thanks guys just received a call to come pick my vacation voucher and thought as much to google the offices at 291 Sprite Avenue at Coleum fortis office in farieglen near Menlyn I was prepared to go at pick the voucher 2mrw at 12am thanks guys uve saved me a lot they started calling me with 087 number now I got directions from a mobile number thank u guys๐Ÿ™I’m saved

  36. Directions for the voucher in faerieglen:291 Sprite Ave-Menlyn Woods Office Park Faerieglen we at the Coelum Fortis office:These are the directions I just received now to come and pick my voucher but I thought of Google b4 I go thank u guys for saving me

  37. Also got a call yesterday. Must bring my wife and we won a vacation what what… I don’t know now. Thanks for the news everyone. These sights help. Ha Stay Sucka free everyone.


  38. I cannot believe such people are still operating after so many years. They just called me to go collect on Saturday in Brynston. Sounded too good to be true, just had to google them.

  39. Jaa, also phoned me and said I should come to Hampton Office Park in Bryston. The HAWKs must pay them a visit…. we can not let them get away with it. This is criminal

  40. Hi all!

    My boyfriend and I went to collect our free accommodation voucher from Coelum Fortis in Faerie Glen (291 Sprite Avenue) at 17h30 this afternoon (a pre-arranged time). When we arrived, the office was closed with a paper sign saying “we are closed until 6 September 2016.”

    I was highly irate at this unprofessionalism and decided to check out there website whereby I stumbled on this page.

    What exactly is the scam? Is it the voucher that is the scam or the contract they try pure you into afterwards?

  41. I also received a call from 087 310 4736 saying that my cell number was picked along with other 5 people and I must come in with my husband to pick up the voucher for a family holiday that I won to anywhere in SA. The lady calling did not want to give me the office address and only told me that their offices are in Faerie Glen but gave me these GPS coordinates: 25 46 56.48SOUTH and 28 17 21.38EAST

  42. These con artists have gone to greater heights with fake websites and all.I also received 2calls and email but never bothered myself to collect the voucher coz what’s the catch anyways….. Thanks you for the warning guys

  43. They just phoned me now and told me that their offices are in Modderfontein. lol im not going and they sms me gps co-ordinates and it shows its in lynwood not modderfontein.

  44. Thank God for this Thread, I have just turned down an appointment one day before the actual day. I was phoned by a lady and told me I have been referred to them by LPA and I should bring my wife with and that the presentation will take up to 45 minutes of my time. There is various resorts where we can visit and the voucher is varied for 24 months. I can book immediately after presentation or later. The following day another Lady(The Manager) phoned me to legitimise the process.

    They Insisted I should bring my wife for family package or my partner if in a relationship. I requested for company name after which google then stumbled to this thread. I do not know how genuine these people are but I decided to be cautious and turn this offer down. I told myself In life nothing comes for free, the will always be a catch somewhere somehow!

    Details of the Call were as follows:
    Solice Pulchellus
    Number 0873104763
    The number actual receives incoming calls as well.
    They have two Offices, one in Randburg and another in Edenvale.
    Received SMS:
    Your invitation has been reserved and the venue is expecting you. Ref. BK-883529 GPS: 2606’05.2″S 2809’53.8″E

  45. I got a call from this Solace people and i confronted the guy to not bullshit me and he still said at no cost just giving the holiday away at no cost implications to me. I don’t have the time to waste time. I would have liked to walk in there and confront them on their bullshittery. Thank you for the Blog assistance.

  46. LPA stands for Leisure Portfolio Assosiation. They manage some timeshare resorts in South Africa. The Coelum Fortis company handles the sales of the timeshare weeks. To promote their resorts and their products, they give away vouchers for midweek or weekend breaks outside of holiday seasons to people who attend a short presentation at their offices in Lynnwood Glen at the Coelum Fortis offices (94 Glenwood Road). Two other companies, one in Edenvale and one in Midrand, also handle timeshare sales for them. (You are not obliged to buy any timeshares from them, but the voucher is yours nevertheless.)

    You use your voucher code on the “One Year Gift” -website to book your breakaway at a resort of your choice from a list of self catering resorts that is regularly updated. You have up to two years to make your booking from the selection available. I have already booked a few weekends with these vouchers as my son is still at school and midweeks are not an option for me. In September 2016 we went first to Crystal Springs for a weekend and then To Monateng Safari Lodge for another weekend. I have already booked a weekend at Monateng Safari Lodge for April 2017 and another at Caribbean Estates for September 2017. That is four weekends at three top-notch resorts in South Africa in twelve months. All I had to do was to accept the invitations to attend four presentations in a row. The weekends start on Friday at four and ends on a Monday at ten, but you can leave after only one day if you want. (Do as I did and pick only long weekends for your breakaway) You guys do not know what you are missing.

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