Quality Vacation Club Scam

Just to add my 2c to the herd.

There is a group of people who operate under various names and basically phone people, tell them they’ve won a car or something and then make them attend a prize giving where they discover they’ve won nothing but then subsequently get lured into some contract holiday garbage which invariably ends up costing them way more than they expected. This bait and switch operation is the very definition of a scam.

Long story short, if someone phones you and says you’ve won something, don’t believe them… alternatively you can tell them to drop off the car at your house when they have a moment 🙂

In the mean time, another South African blogger wrote some stuff about the scam on his blog and QVC are subsequently trying to sue him for over half a million rand, which is basically their way of saying “We’re bigger than you”… well, they might be, but they’re not bigger than all of us.

You can read more about this case here and here

ps QVC, aka Quality Vacation Club, aka Prestige Business Solutions, aka Unique Connections, aka World Connect/VIP/VIP World Connect, aka Prime Vision, aka Media Magic, aka Mega Communications, aka Ezweni Communications, aka Dynamic Communication, aka Real Communications/Real Communication, aka Ecoworld, aka Market Matrix.

Why would a legitimate business need so many aliases?

I encourage other bloggers to get this story out into the wild so that these con artists start to feel the google crunch.


189 thoughts on “Quality Vacation Club Scam

  1. I have collected their voucher, but haven’t booked the holiday. How do I get out of this now without being liable for anything?

  2. I am so glad I read all these comments..OMW!. some lady by the name of Thuli also called me now to say that I have won free holiday for 5 days at one of their resorts, also from a 087…no. Says accommodation is free, but it is self catering. she even called me by my name. so I asked her where she got my name and no from, she said from their data base. said I can collects my vouchers Menlyn wood, Pta East, Office park 291, sprite avenue… I searched the address, turns out to be a medical centre,lol

  3. They are now in Joburg, got a call from a rat called Mark today. Pisses me off when people think they can scam us for money we work so hard for. I smelt a huge rat from the very beginning. now they call themselves Leisure company. he’s such a moron he didn’t even realise my questions were exposing him. I just told him I wasn’t interested and hanged up.

  4. I actually belong to the QVC club and bought the time share… via there scam…
    At first I was angry… yes you do actually get your weekend away voucher…

    If you have a bit of time to waste….

    1) Go and listen to their presentation… and you do get a voucher for your out of season week / midweek / weekend away…
    The resorts they offer are worth at least R950 a day, so if you have time to waste and want to use them… for wasting your time… you do actually get the voucher (a bit of PT because you make your own booking online with the voucher or call their call centre)

    2) If you are in Durban they offer free tickets to Ushaka Marine world… waste 1hr30min and they will give your family complimentary entry to both the aquarium and the water park… we have abused their system…
    and at the end tell them actually we belong to QVC already… then they try and convince us to swop our QVC for Unipoints…

    So we have concluded that they are not QVC directly, they are marketing agents…

    * if you like what they have to offer… go on gumtree around Oct people practically want to give it away because they cant afford the management fees.
    Management fees for 30 points is around R6000 a year… (which you can pay monthly throughout the year and still use the points) but I make my management fee by booking holidays for family and friends and get a free holiday accommodation for my family worth 9 -15k every year.

    The original price we paid for our QVC points was insane and if I could do over I would buy it off someone else or take it over from someone else… but the management fee works out very worth it if you manage your portfolio.
    I am a senior level 5 contributor on trip advisor. I do reviews on all the places we have stayed over the years. I have used and enjoyed my time share/club points.

  5. I have been a member of QVC for many years. Have been on some memorable holidays and breaks with the family. Kariba, Hoedspruitx2, Hazyview, Beitbridge (Kruger)x2, Uvongo, Port Edward, Sedgefield, Sudwala, Hartebeespoort, Pilgrimsrest, Cullinanx2, Saint Lucia and most recently Morrumbene in Mozambique. Always quality self-catering accommodation that is very well maintained.
    Yes the points may not be worth any monetary value anymore but we have certainly received our money’s worth over the years. We were not restricted to just one time share week every year and forced to sell a week if we were not able to use a specific week. To get accommodation you have to however plan well in advance and book well in advance. Next step for me is to do some swaps for accommodation in Europe.(airplane tickets are expensive though)
    Once my kids are out of school I will be able to stay at a number of resorts a year as the out of season accommodation attracts much less points
    The QVC points has not been a scam for me. Only thing I agree is that the tactics of their marketing company is irritating but it seems to have worked for them over the years. In the end it is your choice if you want to buy the points or not. Or to just to take the free midweek break.

  6. WOW…Thanks that I found this, ive been suspecting them from the beginning, but alll other company names given were ok when I searched. Why cant the police just stop this???

  7. iam even fighting with my man we are suppose to go and pick up the voucher at 2pm,and he is against it saying these are scams.Thank you guys,,,,,fun the way they insist come with your partner

  8. i knew from the get go that it was probably a scam.They only tell you their first names.’Frank’ he said and i asked “frank who” he froze for a minute then spelled his surname instead of saying it which was dodgy!The guy immediately changed the name of the company when i asked “what’s the name of the company again?” he now said Leisure Portfolio and well he messed everything up by giving me the address ’cause when i googled Leisure portfolios they are not situated there.Spread the word and lets not let these scammers get away with it.

  9. Is this true guys help me please.These guys phoned me for a collection of a 5days holiday voucher.I must bring my partner.

  10. I received a call from that very same number 0873104763 this Tuesday the 18/04/2017: this consultant just went straight to explaining this without even confirming who is he talking to. The call was about : They did a ruffle and my number was selected to qualify for a free voucher – a treat of 5 days at one of their resort. Including 2 kids under 18. The voucher will expire in a year from the day we receive it. All is paid for and all we have to do is go and enjoy and give them a feedback on their resort. Then what we need to do is bring my partner to collect the voucher, they were specific that they don’t give this voucher to one person. Thank God we had to check who are we dealing with first on google, and we got this very helpful information. the other thing is since their call they keep checking when will you make it to come collect the voucher, very patient because they know they want to con us.i even told them you guys are tsotsis and this guy said no no no no we are not – this is a promotion that we always do yearly. to show that we are not tsotsis we don’t want you to bring any money, don’t even bring your wallet that’s got your bank cards.and then you will say haaaa this ones are genuine they are not tsotsis indeed, and go see them. lets share with others. this is a no go zone, but if wanna go is best to go as a team with a camera no-gal or with cops once.

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