Quality Vacation Club Scam

Just to add my 2c to the herd.

There is a group of people who operate under various names and basically phone people, tell them they’ve won a car or something and then make them attend a prize giving where they discover they’ve won nothing but then subsequently get lured into some contract holiday garbage which invariably ends up costing them way more than they expected. This bait and switch operation is the very definition of a scam.

Long story short, if someone phones you and says you’ve won something, don’t believe them… alternatively you can tell them to drop off the car at your house when they have a moment 🙂

In the mean time, another South African blogger wrote some stuff about the scam on his blog and QVC are subsequently trying to sue him for over half a million rand, which is basically their way of saying “We’re bigger than you”… well, they might be, but they’re not bigger than all of us.

You can read more about this case here and here

ps QVC, aka Quality Vacation Club, aka Prestige Business Solutions, aka Unique Connections, aka World Connect/VIP/VIP World Connect, aka Prime Vision, aka Media Magic, aka Mega Communications, aka Ezweni Communications, aka Dynamic Communication, aka Real Communications/Real Communication, aka Ecoworld, aka Market Matrix.

Why would a legitimate business need so many aliases?

I encourage other bloggers to get this story out into the wild so that these con artists start to feel the google crunch.

214 thoughts on “Quality Vacation Club Scam

    1. Hi Desmond were you ever able to get out of that scam if yes what procedure or channels did you follow?

      Signed a contract with LPA Lifestyle Portfolio but now cant get hold of them on their landline to cancel.

      Frustrated Melicia

  1. i also just got a call from a certain Khanyi woman that told me i had entered a competition to win a Nissan Lavina and i must attend a presentation on Saturday the 15th in Midrand no 28 Guildford road, i was very suspicious as i do not recall entering any competion, thank goodness for google.

  2. I have been there, completed the form and wanted to cancel but now they are hounding me. They threaten with legal action and I’m really in a fix.

  3. My wife fell for the same trick 8 years ago, she lost her job before she could use this scam, she notified them that she is jobless and that she cancelled the membership (we never even used this scheme “Scam”). They first told her she must sell her membership and later on they accepted the cancellation. Now after 8 years they phone her and tells her she owes them R120k for something she never used or they will take legal action.

  4. We have started a group on Google Groups as points owners to collectively share ideas about what to do next about this issue.

    Together we will have more options bandied around. In addition, we may be able to use our collective sense to approach influential bodies like industry ombudsman and Customer Protection.

    Join us be registering http://groups.google.com/group/thc_action?hl=en_US

    The group is a private group, meaning you must be registered to take part in discussion threads.

  5. i just got a call from the same people (QVC) informing me that i had won a holiday in one of their new resorts. The only condition is that i had to attend a prize giving in Midrand.

    It’s actually very elaborate because the “call centre agent” actually gave me a reference number, direct and switchboard number, and an address. If i must be be honest, they nearly had me…

    P.S. did u know if u say tomato backwards really slowly, that it almost sounds like gullible?

  6. Yip, also being hounded by these people…..I’m reserved for 2 o’clock lunch at the presentation in Midrand tomorrow…..Guess I’m not going to show now. Thanks folks.

      1. is there really no way? what if you reverse the debit orders?
        I tried and they threatened that they will take legal action.
        there is a term perpetuity which says that you cannot ever get out – you can buy the entire thing and then sell it to them for 1/10th of the price to get out.

  7. Bad experiance,was also a runner up in a “chevvy spark competition”,had to travel up to Pretoria for the draw.After a good sales pitch i was guarinteed that over and above the 37.5k i paid that all points accumulated could be resold if not used within a 3 year period.Guess what i can only sell my points bought and the offer is only a tenth of what i paid. What a rip off.I intend to recover as much as possible,cancel the stop order and write the whole experiance off as a very bad dream.

  8. I am also trying to get out of the QVC Club, but they refused me and said I must try and cell the points, that is the only way to get out. (So that the next person can get stuck with it) I also need help Please. I want to get out.!!!!

    1. A very good friend of us, she’s 70 years old, were caught by QVC even though she could not afford it. I would like to help her getting out. Any luck with your attempts to get out?

  9. Thank u guys for this website,juss got a call that l have won a 5 day holiday and need to collect ma voucher on a luncheon 2morrow at Midrand,Guess l am not going coz this surely is a scam!

  10. jip folks, we all were sucked in by this company. they did exactly the same with me about 11 years ago. the transaction offered was very different to the one I received. tried to get out of it, but once you sign, you can NEVER get out of it. the contract was signed by the owners nephew himself. he now has coverted to Christianity (the nephew), but has not yet given my money back. If you try to sell, there are a few companies (proppably assosiated with them ) that claim the will buy your shares, but at a hell of a loss. sad to see that these “good businessmen” continue to survive, regardless of the continius bad reporting,,, but like the owner say’s…”there is an asshole born every minute”

  11. I have the same problem with QVC. I paid all bills and everything works nice till this year (after 3 years of membership), now if you want to make a booking, there are no availability of places to go and if you not made a booking in the year, you loose all your points. I realised now that this is a hundred percent scam which they running legally!!!! Is there anybody who can give me advise how to cancel this thing. I have paid a company to get rid of this thing and I will give it away for free.

  12. I tried to contact Carte Blanche but got no response. They can sue me if they chose – I would rather pay lawyers that pay QVC – the biggest con that SA has ever seen.

  13. Wow people this is still going on, i just received a call from a 0878052350 number stating i’ve won a 5 day voucher to 1 of their resorts, this I must collect at no 28 Guildford Road Midrand bring my partner with and some form of identification. well well well this is happening on the 23 of august 2012. this thursday.If it’s a scam i tell u the consultant who called know her staff.when I asked whats the catch? she giggle and answered we only pay for accomodation the rest is up to u…it sounded legit shame..

    thank God for google and you.

  14. I agree Neon. Same thing happened to my today 27.08.2012. Same story “You are a lucky winner of a 5 day holiday at any of our resorts? What the hell? do these people really thing that we are so stupid? The first thing I ask the lady that phoned me is how must is this going to be? She said that everything is for free, and that we don’t have to pay for anything. I just need to bring my partner otherwise I do not qualify? the only way to keep them out of you life is to stop the conversation by just saying that you are not interested, and that they can give the so called “free holiday to the guy on street” he will appreciate it.

  15. Complete SCAM. The guy behind it is Ian Wilcocks. He was Chairman of the Social and Ethics (irony) Committee of the Mooikloof Home Owners Association and is being investigated for fraud.

  16. and guess wot? a lady called Fiona just called me from this number 0878052390, same story, won the holiday….blah blah blah…..they still obviously very much scamming all the way, some guy called kenneth will call me tomorrow to give me directions…..haha as if….cant wait to tell him his fortune….

  17. I am slightly relieved that i am not the only one hounded by this qvc pest – l hope the authorities will finally get to hear about it and deal with this menace. All the stories are exactly similar and this proves that this is indeed a scam.

  18. wow… I got a call on wednesday from a Sean.. It really sounded shaddy but i was driving so i didnt get a chance to get details. Today kenneth called me to confirm my attendance, but before he could I asked him a few questions. Got the adress etc. point is , thanx for the heads up.

  19. A lady just phone me from 0873104747 and said i win a voucher 5 days away in any of there resorts. Wednesday i must go at 28 Guildford str, Midrand at 14h to activate my voucher. This smells

    1. Any time someone tries to rush you into something it’s usually to best to avoid. They’re just trying to make sure you don’t have time to speak to anyone or research before they can get you to sign a piece of paper.

    2. anything you did not enter for is a scam trying to get your money. we have a huge problem,you can not cancel your membership even if you give it away. free holidays do not exist. the only thing they give you is a weekend away in the cape. how free is that when it is 1500 kms away?

      1. I also got a call from 0873104763 yesterday. Not QVC though, but exactly the same MO. They say they are Solice Pulchellus and LPA (Life Portfolio Association or something) is sponsoring the voucher. Can’t find anything on Google about any of these. Accomodation paid. I have to bring my partner and id to their offices at Coelum Fortil offices at 94 Glenwood Road, Lynnwood Glen. I had an inkling and after this blog I will rather be safe than sorry

      2. Same call just now – did a quick google and found these comments. Sounds like a scam for sure. Spoke with Felicity.

      3. Same here Carlien and i was sooo falling it before i saw this blog , and they smsed me the same address Coelum Fortil offices at 94 Glenwood Road, Lynnwood Glen, and i see the comment id from 2013 , i guess they still doing it even now. Thank Guys!

    3. One of their locations, the other is 94 Glenwood Road, Pretoria. It’s in a cul de sac, by the way, if you really want to go there.

      1. I got the same message yesterday….same number. Thanks for the warning.

        I also got a call from 0873104763 yesterday. Not QVC though, but exactly the same MO. They say they are Solice Pulchellus and LPA (Life Portfolio Association or something) is sponsoring the voucher. Can’t find anything on Google about any of these. Accomodation paid. I have to bring my partner and id to their offices at Coelum Fortil offices at 94 Glenwood Road, Lynnwood Glen. I had an inkling and after this blog I will rather be safe than sorry

  20. Thnk God for this blog, a few minutes ago I got a phone call that I won a holiday voucher and that I must come to collect and for briefing on Tuesday at monateng safari lodge in Pretoria. The lady gave me a ref number and said they will call me for direction. I just gave them my initials and told her I’m unemployed. I hope this is not too late! I’m not going there.

  21. … and still … the QVC scam is ongoing. Just received the 10th call in 5 weeks. These people just don’t care about the law! My number is registered with the DMASA and still they phone me. I did not even give the ‘operator’ phoning me a chance to speak … just bluntly told him off and threatened to report this to the SAPS (not that THEY would be any good, anyways) if I receive one more phone call from them. 0873104763 is the number they phoned me from.

    Please people … whenever you receive a phone call from ANYONE informing you that you have won a free holiday, or that your name/number has been drawn as a finalist to win a car, then, unless you KNOW you entered a competition, do NOT go. They intentionally phone you a day before the ‘voucher signing and activation’ to fluster you and ensure that you don’t have much time to think it through.

    1. I received a phone call from the same number (0873104763) claiming they are from Solace Pulchellus or something and that they want to sponsor me a holiday voucher. All I need to do is rate the lodge where they intend to send me (or I can choose). Note that a different angle is taken, not the holiday that is won anymore. I suspected timeshare obviously although they claimed that they have no intention to sell me anything. This was the idiots blatant lie after I research them a bit online. As I understand they are everywhere under different alias.

      I booked a time to pick up the voucher and went to visit the offices in Lynnwood Glen at the Coelum Fortis offices (94 Glenwood Road). My wife sadly (well quite happily) could not make it as she was held up in a meeting. I entered the building with 2 ladies talking about timeshare and my suspicions was correct. Red lights flashing.

      I was 15 minutes early and upon welcoming in reception a rude old bastard with a hearing aid sort of greeted me but lashed out at me because I was early and told me that I have to plan my time better. I could only laugh at the poor sole’s attitude. I told him that my wife could not make it but because I only need to pick up a voucher there would be no need for her to be there. They even sent me the “so called” voucher reference number via sms. The rude sad sole lashed out at me telling me that “it doesn’t work this way” and that I have to reschedule with my wife. I would like to know what the “it” is he refers to as I only had to pick up a voucher. I wrote my name and contact details on a paper with the hope they phone me back so that I can give them an ear full although I doubt they will (depending on how desperate they are).

      After I left I realised I only wasted 10 minutes of my busy time (as I already knew what the outcome would have been before visiting them, I just wanted proof that they were lying to me) but 10 minutes well spent to warn people who are intended to drive far for rubbish bullshit. I am actually glad the old bastard was rude otherwise I would have wasted more time on them.

      It is still each and every person’s right to choose whether they want to listen to these guys presentation (or bullshit in my opinion) or not. I only give you my experience, the decision will be yours.

      1. Thank you I was supposed to go tomorrow to collect my voucher at Lynwood they called me Monday

  22. I have also received a call from 087 310 4763. The guy said the company name is Solice (or Solace) Pulchellus.

  23. Just got a call from them too. Sounded like Laser Portfolio Association? I have saved their number as “Holiday Scammers”!

    1. Many Thanks, I have also been offered with this Voucher today saying they will phone me on Friday to confirm my apointment, Thank God for you guys taking the time to educate us on this horrable scam. Thanks again.

  24. i was just called by them and i almost fall for it something just say google the name thanks guys you are really saving me a lot of trouble shoo but the lady was not very professional so i really had to gooogle the company

  25. I too was taken by these people. I own a timeshare at Crystal Springs that was sold to OTWILL FINANCIAL SERVICES. They contracted these scamsters, not sure of their name, to sell time share. I was phoned and told if I want to sell my units I need to come to 28 Guilford Rd Midrand to sign documents. When we got there it was to try and get us not to sell but rather buy into another scheme. This is shocking that they actually lie to one on the phone!!! Otwill Financial Services should not have given out my number, this is illegal to do!!!

  26. I got a call this afternoon from coelum Forties, for me to bring my partner to the offices, address supplied. For a 3 night free of charge. Should I go or not. Please help.

  27. I was phoned today tolled I have won a prize on one week holiday, somebody in my friend group left my name at one of the resorts. I must collect me Prize on 30 Sept at there office. Now I ‘m not going

  28. I just recently got a phone call from Anehony Sauerbier, 087 310 4763 informing my Husband and I that we have won a 5 day mid-week holiday free of charge, that is valid 2 years. The guy on the other end of the line said that we have to go and collect our holiday voucher on the 14 October 2014 at Coelum Foris, 94 Glenwood Road, Lynnwood Glen at 13:00. He said that we should bring our I.D. The lady that we have to speak to in order to get our voucher is Betty Mostert. Can someone help me to clarify if this is a scam or not????????????

  29. Thanks for Google, I also received a call today from a man by the name of Antonie, he told me that I won a five day holiday at the Mabalingwe resort close to Bela Bela. I was told to go to 94 Glenwood Road (Coelum Fortis) at 14h00 to redeem the voucher along with my partner and ID document – these were the contact details provided 087 310 4763 and 074 429 4484…….

  30. Wow, real fraud a lady called me just now that i have won holiday in one of their resort, imagine, she did not even give me a chance when i told her i will think about it, i realize they just want to make you to sign some papers and put you in trouble, please people don’t go there for you own good because once they got you then you are in big mess.

  31. I got a phone call that I won a holiday voucher and that I must come to collect on Wednesday 29/10/2014 to pick at 94 Glynwood rd Lynwood Glen direction was also sent to me give them my name & surname hope its late. i am not going there they were using this no 0873104763

  32. how can we get out of this all this emails is from 2008 we still trying to win how is it that is our consumer protection up to k….k

  33. I am victim to this scam.. i signed a perpetual contract at the time that i was not aware of and I an still trying to get out of this contract. I even tried to give this points away for free and still no body wants them. QVCs accommodation resorts are much less in number than when I originally signed the contract. And the few resorts that they have are always full booked. I gave stopped all payments to QVC since this is outrageous and ridiculous. They are now sueing me me for outstanding money’s.. can someone please help me?

  34. I also got a call from a lady by the name Thandi and was told it was a no obligation holiday voucher. All they want me to do was to visit their holiday destination and refer friends and family. I am supposed to go for the briefing tomorrow 08/11/2014 but it sounded too good to be true… I googled them and THANK GOD I came across this blog. I almost got myself into a lot of trouble. Too good to be true!!!!

  35. Just got a call (087 310 4763) from a lady to say I won a free holiday and to collect my vouchers in Midrand on Saturday either at 9am or 12pm. Particulars will be send to me. Thanks for the input guys.. we have to keep ourselves informed of these schemes!

  36. Thank goodness for my friend Google. I also just got a call saying that a friend of family member visited some lodge in the Kruger National Park and nominated me for this voucher. Cell number is 087 310 4763 and I have to go to 94 Glenwood Rd to collect the voucher this Saturday – at first the guy said Thursday at 3 but when I said I couldn’t he gave me the option for either 5 o’clock or Saturday. Funny he never said that my husband has to be with me, so maybe they are changing their m.o a bit. He told me that it is not a timeshare or anything, all I have to do is give feedback afterwards if I was happy or not. Thought it was too good to be true thus decided to google this.

  37. Just spoke to the same people (087 310 4763 and I have to go to 94 Glenwood Rd). I’m just a block away from them. I suspect a scam and luckily found this page. And I’m not going.

    1. I agree with you buddy.. I am in exactly the same position as you..
      is there anybody out there that can help us PLEASE?

  38. Thanks Dudes and Dudetess for this warning, my appointment with them is Tomorrow in Pretoria East and they insist that I must come with my ID for collection of the Holiday Voucher. I will not go there.

    This is their numbers: 0873104763 and 0873100250

    1. Just had a call from 087 310 4763 – the woman was insisting that I attended a presentation somewhere in Midrand in 2012 and they want to give me a 5 day free holiday to say thanks – she hung up on me when I told her I am not interested in her scam.

  39. guys please help, I already went to their offices at Lynnwood ridge, Coelum Fortis they gave me a form to sign that was asking me about my name, occupation and id no. and gave me a voucher, so how do they get your banking details because I didn’t provide them and I haven’t used the voucher

  40. I need to know if its already late, because I haven’t used their voucher, and need to know how they get your banking details

  41. Received call 12/02/15..Coelum Fortis.”.meeting with partner,bring ID’S not wallet,free weeks holiday”…0873104763…meet at Greenstone Mall.IM DEFINITELY NOT GOING!!

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