Funny Moment from My Life #5693

So I’m in the local Apple shop standing at the technical counter when Cokey Falkow walks in and stands next to me. He waits a while since everyone is busy with other stuff.

Then after a few minutes one of the other shop assistants walks into the technical area and, even after seeing Cokey and obviously not recognising him, says to one of the other shop people in earshop of Cokey,  “Dude, Colin Moss is in the shop!”…

(In case you’re wondering, Colin was actually in the shop…)


3 thoughts on “Funny Moment from My Life #5693

  1. Paha. It would’ve been way funnier if Colin hadn’t been in the shop … although how anyone could ever confuse Cokey Falkow for Colin Moss would be beyond me, so I guess that’s still just too unlikely.

    Ps. where are you shopping with all these comedians, anyway ?!?

  2. Hi Phill

    It was Project 3 (in Claremont)… Cokey’s macbook was giving him grief… I know him and Colin are friends so I assume they were together.

    Ps. Colin is not a comedian…

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