5 more sleeps…

We’re 5 more sleeps away from our big move… This feels a bit like the week leading up to the 100m finals at the Olympics… So much preparation, so much stress… so much, well, everything really… And now all there is left to do is wait.

There’s something intrinsically human about that emotion… that necessity to just wait, knowing that nothing you could ever do could make time move along faster. You experienced it the week before Christmas when you were 5 years old and you’ll experience it when you’re 80 years old and waiting for the delivery guys to drop off your new off-road motorbike.

So we fill our time with packing boxes and trying to plan things that don’t really need to be planned, like where are we going to put all the boxes in the new house…

So now we’ve run out of things to pack or plan and we’re left like two little kids grinning at each other knowing that soon we’ll be home.

Happy times indeed.


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