What's Really Important – Rome!

Today was one of those wonderful days that reminds you what you should really be focusing on. We went for a hike on Table Mountain, played in the waterfalls, talked about the future and took in the amazing views.

I’ve got to tell you people, I’m in love with life and I don’t need a quasi religious excuse to justify it.

I made this little video of the goings on… (It’s filmed with my cell phone so excuse the quality)

The thing is, days like this really do let me get focused again. Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. The world will occasionally conspire against you and you’ll have your car dinged or maybe your house might get broken into… but we have to be careful not to let ourselves get so distracted by those events, or the threat thereof, that we stop focusing on the important stuff. Living life to the fullest.

Many years ago I was hiking on the same path we walked today. It was the height of summer and the sun was blazing down on me like an oven grilling chips… and I had run out of water. When I finally came across a tiny trickle of water I was ecstatic… I spent almost 45 minutes trying to sap up every last drop of water from the trickle on the rock face, even resorting to using my shirt to soak up water and then wringing it out into my mouth. It was painful, and as I stood there in the blazing sun, with my shirt off, back burning, and chewing on little bits of sand in my mouth, all I could think about was the fact that the water tasted sweaty.

Eventually I decided that I had got enough water and needed to move on. About 5 minutes later I was standing at the edge of a fully fledged stream, with enough water to soak my feet in, while sitting in the shade and where I was able to repeatedly fill my bottle in seconds.

Sitting there with my feet in the cool water was a moment I will never forget. It felt like the universe was trying to tell me something about the nature of mankind, and a little lesson about that nature… I believe I’ve figured it out… and today was a nice reminder.

Don’t get too distracted by the here and now, especially if things aren’t going well. Sometimes a better place is just around the corner. You just need to keep on going to find it.


4 thoughts on “What's Really Important – Rome!

  1. @joe: iMovie, on my mac. I’ve got to admit, it just works ™

    I would have invited you along but you’re a freak of fitness nature and I find myself out of breath when you and I walk to Woolies down the road! Although maybe with meebs on your shoulders you would have had enough of a handicap. Soon though… I will be fitter soon!

  2. Saturday morning I read somewhere about how the Japanese believe that you can not lose or make up for time, all that you have is here and now. Somehow, since reading that, I felt better. I constantly feel panicked that I’m not doing everything I’d want to do and that time is rushing past me. I still feel calm and relaxed, also had a great Sunday. Even though you have to think ahead, it really helps to stop and smell the flowers every now and again.

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