Housing Update

Just thought I’d write a little update since everyone is asking.

We got the house! It’s about 107 years old and in perfect condition except for the bathroom which could do with some love. There is a tenant in the house already so we’re going to maximize on our existing leases and only move in during the month of December… The wait is killing us but it’s also giving us lots of time to look for bathroom fittings, tiles and other similarly domestic things. The one thing I’d always wanted was a house with a fireplace (preferably a little Dover stove) and now I have one! We’ve also been planning our herb garden which I think is going to be a tiny piece of awesome. My biggest concern is the audio visual wiring. I plan to run RJ6 coax and BNC wall boxes, with BNC to Belling Lee fly leads and an RF Modulator so we can watch stuff off the Xbox in the bedroom 😉 Nerd much? The rest of the house will be covered by 802.11n/g/b wifi. How much does a 15″ touch screen cost? I’m thinking of turning my Alix into a “kitchen pc”. 🙂

I can’t wait to get in there with a drill and a flipping screwdriver.

Life is AWESOME.


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