Big news on the western front…

A few big things are happening…

After a good run at Frogfoot Networks I’ve decided to move on to some new challenges. I used to think I knew Linux before I joined Frogfoot… Now I know how little I know, but certainly know a lot more than I used to. I’ve also made some good friends at Frogville and I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of each other in the future. Frogfoot has an exciting future ahead of it and I’m sad I won’t be around to see it all come together.

In slightly more scary, but incredibly exciting, news, Lynnae and I have decided to buy a house together. We’ve got our hearts set on a beautiful 100+ year old Victorian house in Observatory that’s been stunningly restored by a gay engineer… I only mention this because it dawned on me that there are few people more qualified to fix up a house than someone with an eye for detail who also knows how to swing a hammer. The only sad part will be that he’ll take all his gorgeous furniture with him. It’s got a lovely Victorian fireplace and high ceilings!

So that’s the news… If all goes according to plan we could be weber’ing on our patio in September.

God the stress is killing me.


4 thoughts on “Big news on the western front…

  1. Hey buddy, great news!

    Moving in with the senorita, very serious indeed. I recently bought property myself and things have changed. Before I never used to pay attention to inflation news. Now, if I hear the name Tito, I quite literally shit my pants.

    I have some great contacts who helped me save thousands on lawyer fees and transfers etc. Give me a shout if you haven’t already sorted that stuff out.

    Congrats and good luck!

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