Jonathan says it best

Normally I would write a little thing about the upcoming geekdinner, but Jonathan Hitchcock said it better.


The ancient Greeks thought that the rainbow was the messenger of the
gods, and named it “iris”. From this, we get the Iris flower (which
blooms in a variety of colours), and the iris in our eyes (which is
the coloured part). As happens in language, this word gave birth to a
daughter, “iridescent”, which means “brilliant, lustrous, or colourful
in appearance”.

The Iceplant, is, like, a sort of fig.

So, I’d like to announce the ninth Cape Town GeekDinner, named
Iridescent Iceplant, which will be held on Thursday the 31st of July,
at Da Capo Restaurant, in Green Market Square. I want to say that
it’s starting at 5:30, so that you tardy Capetonians will arrive at
6:30 for 7, because that’s when it’s really starting.

Those details are on the wiki page, where you can also see the logo
for this dinner, which should remind you of that time you saw Joseph
and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat:

Please sign up if you’re coming, and please remove yourself if you’re
not – the venue’s a little cosier than most, so seating will be
limited. Also, if you’ve got something interesting to talk about, let
us know, we always need talks. The page will be updated as we get
closer to the dinner.

Hoping to see you there,


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