her vs me

her: ok, click on “credit card”
me: but I want to apply for a garage card.
her: yes, it’s the same thi… oh, wait, no, not there.
me: uhuh.
her: Ok, click on “Garage card for existing card”.
me: Ok.
her: no wait, that can’t be it either.
me: Ok, why don’t you find out and call me back.
her: Yes, there is another way though.
me: Yes?
her: You can visit our website.
me: umm? Which website?
her: our website…
me: but we’re on your website right now.
her: No, this is the internet, you can try apply on our website.
me: ummm…

She called to help me apply online because I emailed to say their site was confusing.


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