Dear ABC & Co

I am disappointed that you chose to take the “grey area” approach to marketing this event.By “inviting” all your customers to an event that is unrelated to their relationship with your company you have abused the trust relationship that customers have with “good companies”. I consider ABC a “good company”.

While we all know that emails of this sort are harmless, you must, and we must, stick to the high road in matters such as this. The fact that you are charging money for this event should have drawn the line even clearer… add to this the fact that the industry in which you operate is repeatedly plagued by claims of “spammer”, your sensitivity should have been to err on the side of caution.

I’m not angry, just disappointed.



Names changed to protect the identity of the company in question.

I borrowed the last line from the best teacher I ever had, Jeremy Gibbon — We were the top higher grade science class and he never checked whether we’d done our homework… One day he did check and almost the entire class hadn’t done it. He calmly used that line and then left the room. I had never felt more shit in a school environment as I did that day. Whether he intended it or not he taught us a very important lesson — Don’t abuse people’s trust… there is no room for grey.


One thought on “Disappointed

  1. What’s the point in protecting their name? If you are really disappointed in them, let everyone know about it. That would make them a little more likely to respond, as well.

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