Momentum Insurance is starting to annoy me…

(If you came here via Google you should probably check out this page… The story gets worse)

Carina didn’t call yesterday like she said she would… she didn’t call today like she said she would… and every time I call Momentum she’s “on the phone”.

Is this really the kind of service I give you THOUSANDS of rands a month for?



Just got a call (it’s Tuesday morning) from Carina at Momentum… She is now spinning herself into a web of ineptitude. She claims she never got my message and then when I pushed her for a reasonable answer for why she didn’t call on Wednesday (or Thursday) like *she* said she would, she said she was waiting for me to call her.

My exact words to her were: (And I’m quite proud I didn’t swear)

Oh ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!! Besides the fact that I did call multiple times on Wednesday and Thursday, what possible reason could you have for waiting for me to call you? You have all the answers here Carina… you are the only one who can move this forward.

Add to that the following:

ONE: My car was broken into on monday. I phoned on monday afternoon/evening (about 6pm) and they fixed my window that night. On Tuesday I gave Momentum all my details including where and when I bought my undies and whether I paid cash. Apparently my claim was only submitted on Thursday… When I flipped my guava about this Carina said that I only called her on Thursday… but I never even spoke to her on Thursday. (Remember, I tried to but she wasn’t available.)

TWO: Then I questioned her about this and (after ruffling through some computer files) she said that she only got my info on Tuesday… only on Tuesday, like, I dunno, THE DAY AFTER IT HAPPENED, which was also 2 days before Thursday…

THREE: Then she floored me by saying “I only called you after your broker asked me to call you”. I don’t have a broker. She couldn’t back this statement up.

FOUR: As to why she didn’t call on Thursday after I left repeated messages she said “What was your message number?“. HUh? My whowhatnow? “The message center people will take your message and give you a message number“… Um. No they don’t. I have a txt file open on my computer within which I record ALL the info with regards to this escapade and not once have I typed a message number. Oh, and by the way. SINCE WHEN IS IT UP TO THE CUSTOMER TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A FRIGGEN NUMBER TO PROVE THAT YOU’RE NOT DOING YOUR DAMN JOB!

FIVE: I was plainly honest with them from the very first moment. I told them I had a large bag stolen off the back seat of my car in the middle of the day parked on a busy road. They are now treating me like a criminal by phoning up 5 other insurance companies to verify that I don’t have insurance with them as well.



Update 2 – End of Business, Tuesday.

Zolani, Carina’s Team Leader, whom I spoke to when I asked to speak to her supervisor, *promised* me she would have an answer for me by close of business today. She has not called. Should I be suprised? Momentum Insurance just seems to go from bad to worse. This is after my claim was, in her own words, “escalated to a team leader”… Escalation my ass… Leader my ass.



5 thoughts on “Momentum Insurance is starting to annoy me…

  1. OMG. just reading your story drove me insane with madness at service-related ineptitude !!

    Drives me bonkers, yet I seem to be subjected to it at every turn 😦

  2. You are so lucky to win that prize!!!
    Seriously, I’m happy for you. All the best.

    Also, where did you get your undies from? When did you get them? Did you pay cash?

  3. We are now having similar problems with Momentum. Our house was broken into and we were robbed of most of my jewelery and and some electrical goodies. We have been treated like we are the criminals. They will not confirm the forced entry, yet an independent locksmith has already confirmed it prior to changing the locks on the doors.

    I do not understand why we pay our premiums to a company every month, so that if something like this does happen, only to then be interrogated and made to feel as though we are the criminals.

    I honestly feel like I have been robbed twice – and paid for it!! – what kind of a company is this!!!

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