A little catch up…

I’m waiting for my supper to defrost, so here’s some musings.

  • I’ve added a cool feature to my site. Have a look at the footer and refresh.
  • I bought a macbook, it is awesome for so many reasons but I will blog about this properly once I’ve had it for a month.
  • I will find out tomorrow whether or not my insurance company will give me any money for the clothes that were stolen out of my car. Submitting the claim telephonically was quite a hoot. When did you buy your underpants? Where did you buy them? Did you pay cash?
  • Why do people say “Did they break into your car?”? Who is they? Is this a weird throwback to our not-so-cool past?
  • I’ve been working with wordpress at work again and I must admit I’m liking it (again). I’ve created a new theme from scratch for the new frogfoot site (coming soon) and written a good plugin to handle contact/support forms.
  • I’m going to the 2008 Oyster and Champagne Festival at Bloemendal Wine Farm (Just outside Durbanville) on Friday. All are obviously welcome, so if you’re looking for something to do on Friday… (Facebook event)



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