10 things I want to do by 30

I celebrated a birthday recently, my twenty seventh, and although I generally don’t fret about birthdays and new years, I’ve been pondering my life and all that I have and haven’t achieved in 27 years.

Firstly I’m pretty happy. I’ve got a great job with people I really like working with. I’m learning constantly. I have a good group of friends who support me when needed and berate me when needed. I’ve aquired a fair amount of “stuff” that makes me happy and I’ve got my health.

So why make a list? Well I haven’t achieved *everything* I wanted to achieve by 27 and mostly because I, like most people on this planet, find it very easy to procrastinate and/or get bogged down with the little things. I’m a big fan of lists for the little things in life so why not apply that same principle to the big things.

10 things I want to do by 30 (3 years)

  1. Stop paying someone elses bond
  2. Get fitter than I am now
  3. Do the penisula hike I’ve been planning for years
  4. Stop paying someone else to do my taxes
  5. Learn Python
  6. Travel in Africa
  7. Read Cryptonomicon
  8. Write one of the many stories bouncing around in my head
  9. Take more photographs and get better at doing it.

So there you go, I open it up to the floor.

What should my number 10 be?



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