Telkom can get f-ed in the A.


I had my wallet stolen a few days ago and therefore don’t have a credit card to make payments for additional bandwidth… I thought I would be able to sign up for internet banking and make the payment that way however after going through the online registration process I am now unable to make any payments without visiting my bank and getting my daily limits increased. (Yes, as retarded as it seems the daily limit on a new account is R0).

Having said all that I have a girlfriend at home trying to do research for her PHD and unable to get online. Could you PLEASE make an exception and enable the additional gig. Feel free to bill my account via stop order for the amount or alternatively I’ll make the payment as soon as I can get to my nearest branch.


Jonathan Endersby

And less than 10 minutes later:



Now seriously, can you EVER imagine that happening with Telkom?

Viva Amobia, Viva!



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