Fat man drilling downstairs

L&HSo we spent the evening listening to the lovely sounds of a wailing hammer drill… I’m all for home improvements and I understand that some people just don’t have the luxury of being able to do them during the day or over weekends, but once 10pm rolls around I really expect anyone who thinks they’re a decent human being to stop drilling holes in their walls.

They didn’t. So I went down. And knocked. And an old fat man answered the door.

“Hello?” he asked as if I might just be popping around for some tea.

“Are you actually building at 10pm?” I replied.

“No, he’s just drilling one hole; is it disturbing you?” he asked leaving me pondering what the Laurel of this Hardy duo could look like.

“At 10pm, yes” I replied while the ‘one hole’ thing bounced around my head annoyingly.

“Ok, We’ll pack up for tonight and carry on in the morning” he said as if I was part of his work crew and should go fetch my lunch box.

“Great” I replied over-enthusiastically.

You really can’t make these things up.


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