One of those…

This is going to be one of those posts… you know, the ones where you basically just list off a bunch of things you did recently.

Implemented VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path) for something I’m building at work

Spent friday afternoon walking around Kalk Bay with the GF, had supper at the Brass Bell and then went and paid our respects to Obs (where we met 3 years ago)… Obs has not changed at all in 3 years and it’s starting to be a bit like the uncle with the pony tail… just not cool any more. (Obs was probably never cool but it seems to suit certain people at certain phases in their lives). It’s never good for that phase to last longer than 2 years.

Went to look at Cape Gate on Saturday… it’s not worth it. Bought some thermal paste at Canal Walk… Took apart GF’s laptop, cleaned out 2 years worth of dust on the heatsink. Laptop fan no longer constantly spins at full speed and the laptop doesn’t reboot whenever you do something mildly complicated. Didn’t need the thermal paste.

Woke up on Sunday to find a dead DSL link light, once again reaffirming my opinion that it is impossible for anyone at telkom to carry out even the most basic of instructions without fscking something else up. This brought my proposed Amobia switchover forward to Sunday morning. Converted my Linux box to a router, installed squid… then had breakfast.

(Oh… I had my Amobia installed… It was such a non-issue that I didn’t even blog about it… I think I had it installed on the fourth work day after requesting it. Everything is working perfectly. When people finally get their ADSL lines installed they always seem to have this weird sense of self-achievement… like somehow they’ve “Stuck it to the man” and got their ADSL installed. That’s how twisted the state of telecoms in this country is… You dont walk out of the Pick ‘n Pay thinking “Yeah, I really showed them… I got EVERYTHING I wanted!”)

Spent the day hiking in Red Hill (Near simonstown)… Went to Kleinplaas dam and cooled off, walked back to where our car was. GF is now badly sunburnt (again…) Canadians!

Yours Aloe Vera Gellishly.


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