There is no cure for stupidity.

A while ago I blogged about a weird comment I had received on one of my blog posts.

In summary, there is an SEO company called SEO Results (aka BizSearch, aka NetAge) that gets its staff to trawl blogs and write comments with the Author URL set to the url of one of their SEO clients.

Author : PMM (IP: ,
E-mail :
Wow what a difference it looks fantastic, great job done

One would think that after the first run in I had with these spammers they would have avoided my blog?

Anyway, to make sure it’s clear: SEO Results are spammers and black hat SEO idiots… Using them is likely to get you bad mouthed on the internet (like this) and perhaps worse, blacklisted on google.


5 thoughts on “There is no cure for stupidity.

  1. Spot on Jon. The amount of shoddy SEO work that goes on gives people like me a bad name and generally makes it harder for an online marketer to pitch for business.

    The problem is that anyone can claim to do SEO. There are no industry standards to which a practitioners work can be measured making it easier for scumbags like SEO Results drag our industry’s name through the gutter.

    Really gets my goat it does!

  2. Oh dude this is so funny.

    I wonder if this PMM Properties place knows how their hard earned cash is being spent?


  3. Hi

    I’ve heard about SEO Results before! It’s amazing that they’re still in business. Surely the people working there feel really bad about what they do? Can’t they get real jobs?


  4. Kim has apologised and has apparently taken me off their list… So I can only assume that their SEO Consultants Spammers work to a list. No idea how they sell that to their clients.

    To bad, so sad.

  5. @arbitraryuser totally agree that spam is my end! that really is the worst “linking technique” – had they not heard of relevancy? Just linking for the sake of it will not get you very far at all!

    @skye 🙂 yes, SEO may not be rocket-science, but it still does not mean that anyone that has read a SEO book can actually apply it to rank well. Result driven SEO takes experience and great SEOs understand what relevance as well as transparency with clients means. There are many companies that have a bad taste in their mouths purely because some wannabe promised them the world and delivered naught.

    @Mariska re the “real jobs” the sad thing is that you’ll probably find that they’ve been taught a certain technique claiming to be “SEO” and they probably believe that it is the way it is done!

    @arbitraryuser re “how they sell that to their clients” – well not transparently that’s for sure! Probably promises of links from extremely popular and relevant websites 😉

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