Clickthinking ClickJacking

I love a good game of internet pile-on as much as the next guy, but god damn this is hilarious.

The brilliant designer Coda, based in Cape Town, regularly gets his site design jacked by punks all over the world and most of the time he just laughs it off. Then the other day someone pointed him to the new Optimal Energy site done by Clickthinking, a Cape Town based (ie. They must know who Coda is) “web company”. You can read Coda’s opinion here.

Right now I guess Clickthinking are busy digging the hole they plan to live in for the next few weeks until this quietens down, but damn, Optimal Energy should be pissed… They got fleeced and are probably feeling pretty damn uncomfortable about their *brand new website* right about now.

ps. No link-love for Clickthinking… just google them.


One thought on “Clickthinking ClickJacking

  1. Wow, the site is still exactly the same, and Damien has removed his post. Looks like it really is ok to blatantly rip off someone else’s work. Time to launch that ‘A Release Apart’ redesign I was a bit uncomfortable about.

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