Again and again and again

So after chatting to some people who love their hacked iPhones, and seeing a terminal running on one, I have to admit that they’re very pretty and possibly very powerful. However all that power is being locked up inside the shiny little box, and Apple seems convinced that that is the way forward for their platform. They’ve even resorted to telling some app developers that their apps are too similar to the existing Apple apps, and therefore won’t be allowed onto the marketplace.

But before I turn this into an anti-iphone blog, the reason I’m again saying that Android is going to eventually reign supreme is because Motorola (whose cell phones I’m not a huge fan of) are planning to employ 300 developers to work on Android internally. While this might just mean that Motorola ends up producing more crappy cell phones, it also might mean that they are having a bit of a mind shift… (possibly caused by the iPhone’s success?) and want to build something that competes for that power user rather than the 16 year old school girl they’ve apparently been developing phones for for the past few years. And physically motorola build solid devices. They have a rich history of building miliatary grade equipment and comsumer trendoid crap like the Razr (Is that how you spell it?)

Regardless of what Motorola end up doing, the real winner is going to be the Android software stack that they’ll no doubt push code back into. I’m not sure how their licensing is going to work, and they might chose to close source all their android applications, but they’ll no doubt have a positive effect on the Android operating system/software stack, and that’s all that matters.

ps. Thanks to Jonathan Carter for pointing me to the news story.


2 thoughts on “Again and again and again

  1. You’re dissing the RAZR? It’s only one of the best phones ever made! I’ve had more than 20 phones alltogether and the RAZR was probably the best of them. Sure, it’s technology is way outdated by today’s standards, but it was a great phone. The RAZR2 isn’t that bad either (although it doesn’t live up to the original, but at least it runs a Linux kernel)

  2. OK, I’ve never actually *used* a razr, so to be honest my opinion of it is almost completely defined by the keypad which looks like it was designed for the 1997 sequel of “Hackers”, “Hackers 2000”.

    Could you _get_ to that linux kernel?

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