The joys of a non-tech girlfriend.

Lynnae, as you may know, is a food nerd. She teaches me stuff about how broccoli is from the Brassica family and therefore not suitable for stocks if you want a clear stock and that toast smells nice because of the Maillard reaction. So she’s a nerd, but she’s definitely not a computer nerd and it’s kinda funny when she’s trying to understand what I do all day or tell me about some or other computer problem she has at work. She has a windows box and a mac… no prizes for guessing which one “flashes on the one window and then the other one goes orange and starts flashing too and then you click on the tab for the first one and it starts flashing too so I had to work the whole day while the screen flashed at me“.

The real gems seem to pop out of nowhere:

Who pays for the network waves?
– Asked while I was trying to explain the concept of a wug.

Maybe it’s a glitch.
– Pretty much anything that goes wrong is “possibly a glitch”.

Something with a megabyte.
– When asked what size the SD card in her phone was.

What’s an aggregator, is it an angry alligator?
– Ok, admittedly she’s trying to be funny.

But she’s learning… We have a shopping list wiki, which she thinks is (or something) but she runs firefox and is starting to understand why open source is better… that, and she’s the most awesome friend I’ve ever had, so I’ll tolerate her noobness.


2 thoughts on “The joys of a non-tech girlfriend.

  1. Thats actually pretty cute I have to admit, the two of you sharing your expertise and your noobness 🙂 you know what they say about opposites attract hey!

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