Grumpy Old Man Rant.

In case you weren’t counting, the year is 2008… In the past week I have received both the Spier Wants To Give You Free Champagne email and, more recently, the Microsoft Will Track This Email And Give You $321.56 For Every Person You Forward This To email. Both of these emails came from people I ~used to know… People who do not suffer from diminished brain capacity, amnesia or bouts of uncontrollable binge drinking & emailing. I’m tired of being understanding. Ignorance is not an excuse for not using your logical faculties.

Find your own internet, this one is taken.


3 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Man Rant.

  1. Aaah, I’m jealous. I only received the Microsoft one this week, no one thought to send me the champagne one.

    My Microsoft one came from someone who went to school with me, and yes, she even matriculated – so really, no excuse.

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