Traffic Fines & Fundamental Decency

Part the One:
Traffic fines have a habit of being illegible, however one wouldn’t expect this to carry over to the internet.

I by mistake RSIGN:STOPPINGNOM/VR217ed and it’s going to cost me R500, I just wish I knew what RSIGN:STOPPINGNOM/VR217ing was so that I can avoid doing it again.

Part the Two:
I generally give people the opportunity to be nice, but when they are not nice I generally come down on them like a ton of bricks. It’s how I am and I wish I wasn’t so all or nothing about my communication style.

Anyway, I have this little wager with a friend (at the moment it’s a beer but it should really be a bottle of Jamesons) that a perfectly polite, non-threatening, complaint email I sent to a certain company will not work. It was hard rewriting an email with the word ‘please’ in it when the previous version had some choice phrases like ‘shitty business practices’ etc in it.

I’ll keep you posted. Love that Jamesons.


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