"The Rest Of The World" continues to live up to my expectations…

A while ago I created this for graphjam:

It should be obvious to most of the readers of my blog that the use of “Tigers” and the placement of “Sudan” was purposeful.

Unfortunately half the commenters seem to be dumb people called “Brittany” (guess where she’s from) who are just clever enough to check the wikipedia article on tigers and yet not quite clever enough to grasp the point of the map.

Um, shouldn’t this be on Failblog? There are no tigers in Africa.


Perhaps this should be on failblog due to the completely inaccurate placement of the Sudan.

With first prize going to this gentleman:

Technically most countries in africa carry no international significance. that’s the whole point of this map. and my lol’s.

I only wish I could convince myself that he’s trying to be incredibly sarcastic… but I can’t.



2 thoughts on “"The Rest Of The World" continues to live up to my expectations…

  1. Seriously?

    Was reading your post in my RSS and was thinking: “Hah! J is just trying to trick me into clicking through. People cannot be that dumb can they?”

    Those comments my friend is why I support a woman’s right to seek abortion.
    Dumb Dumb Dumb

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