On Customer Service…

Why must I be an asshole to get stuff done?

For about 3 years I’ve used Vodacom 3G without hassles. My usage has been random and it’s never made sense to buy a bunde (500mb). I just moved to woodstock and am going to be living without real internet for 2 months so, in an attempt to not be too broken by the R2 a megabyte charges, I “enabled” a 500mb ad-hoc bundle.

Within 5 minutes I got an SMS saying that my bundle had been activated.

That’s when my 3G stopped working.

Numerous calls on saturday and sunday left me dumbfounded. I heard the same story over and over again. Supposedly they had inadvertantly deactivated my data services on my account and just had to re-enable it and everything would be hunky dory again.

They’ve done that 4 times now, over 3 days, and it still isn’t working.

I’ve been told before that team leaders would call me back, that consultants would call me back… etc etc. NOBODY has called me back. Sounds a lot like Telkom actually.

I’ve now dealt with a callcenter team leader called Shakiel who supposedly is going to fix my problem… but it’s going to take 4 hours to “activate” the data services… He will supposedly call me at 5pm.

So when I needed 3G the most it completely fell apart. Well done Vodacom, your brilliance astounds me. Idiots!

UPDATE: It’s working again. Thanks to Sonny at Vodacom. It seems being as asshole works.


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