I have a panel antenna and a wrap board waiting...I’m moving to Woodstock on Saturday for 2 (maybe 3) months. This is this morning’s XKCD. Serendipity is crazy. Although I won’t be using the cantenna that Lourens and I actually did make ourselves — because my 14 dbi panel antenna is a little more reliable.

Speaking of moving; we spent last night packing stuff into boxes, I think we’re about 60% of the way and, as usual, I can’t believe the amount of crap I have. It’s not that it’s junk, it’s just stuff…

Luckily most of the stuff is just going to stay in boxes until we move into the house in Obs.

Thank god for movers & girlfriends!

ps. I am looking for a cheap supplier of BNC connectors (male and female)… does anyone have any they want to flog or know of somewhere that sells them at reasonable prices?

(I really need to fix this wordpress template so I don’t need to do this.)


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