Contents of Africa

The Contents of Africa
I made this for graphjam, but here it is in case they think it sucks.


8 thoughts on “Contents of Africa

  1. I think you give the world too much credit by implying they know what Sudan is. Also, I think you could put an orange border around the whole continent and label it “AIDS”.

  2. Typical conversation I’d have with an adult (with a tertiary education) when I was 16 years old, and living in America:

    “You have a British accent.”
    “No, I am South African”
    “”Oh, you’re from Africa? My daughter has a penfriend in Kenya. Maybe you know her, her name is…”

    So, they have heard of Kenya.

  3. Other things they would also sometimes say:
    “You’re from Africa? [They seldom listened to the “South” part.] So you speak Swahili?”
    “So what do you do when the lions come?”
    “But you’re not bl…”

    This was 1980 to 1981, so they hadn’t heard of Nelson Mandela yet.

  4. The only other thang I’d add is that the entire GREEN area is usually overflowing with WILD MAN-EATING LIONS and ROGUE ELEPHANTS

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