Benny Hinn is a swindler and a thief…

Benny Hinn is a swindler and a thief and it is high time that honest, god fearing christians spoke up against him. The ridiculousness of the church (as a community) not calling him on his outrageous fraud —  because he’s a ‘christian’ and they don’t want to ‘judge’, is perhaps only slightly more stupid than far right christians believing that George Bush is ordained by god to return America to its christian roots.

There is only one thing more insipid than people who are stupid enough to give their money to this charletan, and that is people who know better but prefer not to rock the boat. Good men are doing nothing.

Everyone had to donate $1 000 because an exceptional blessing rested on $1 000.

Read the News24 article here.

(Note to the reader: These sorts of antics, and the church’s general acceptance of it, do nothing to redeem the church, or its religion, in my eyes. Feed for poor, clothe the naked, for God’s sake.)


2 thoughts on “Benny Hinn is a swindler and a thief…

  1. As a Christian, I agree with you about Benny Hinn. However, the church I go to *does* denounce him. We know he’s a fraudster and a liar, and we do our best, but as you said, there are many Christians who are oblivious and believe Benny Hinn.

  2. The more general problem here is something known as “prosperity gospel”. This is the teaching that not only are you redeemed from your sins, but you are also redeemed from all other suffering, including sickness and poverty. If you are ill or poor, then obviously there is some kind of sin in your life that you have not confessed, or your faith is inadequate. It includes other things like “speaking into being”, which comes down to saying positive things in order to make them happen. In other words, don’t say: I am poor, I am ill. Say: I am rich. I am healthy. Of course, one way of putting your money where your mouth is is to give it to Mr. Hinn. I don’t think it is necessary to point out that none of this is biblical.

    I blogged about this previously:

    Interestingly, the earliest documented cases of this sort of “commercialisation” are to be found in the book of Acts, that is, less than 50AD 🙂

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