Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook

As much as I hate to drag you into this ugly mess I feel it is necessary to let you know that Vodacom (a cellular phone operator here in South Africa and a subsidiary of Vodafone) is messing with your copyright. I’m not a fan of copyright at the best of times but I think it is important to send a very stern message to any ISP who feels it is okay to inject html on web pages their customers are trying to view.

The offending bit of HTML which is served whenever anyone requests your website is a link to their own “Vodafone Live” service which in many ways is a competitor to Facebook. Below you can see a screenshot of your page (which is copyright 2008) and just below it, the injected link. This is an unauthorised derivative of your original copyright work.

And here you can see some of the content on the page which they link to:


If you let them do this they might be overwriting your advertisements next.

Jonathan Endersby


One thought on “Dear Facebook

  1. Have you looked at the web addresses of the pages? Vodacom seems to convert, then run everything through its own domain URLs, which puts absolute fear into me in terms of passwords and information security and so forth (even more so than just using Vodacom’s service to begin with).

    Plus, does it result in extra bandwidth charges for the consumer? (Those little bits of information do add up over time.)

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