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So much going on, so little time to blog about it.

  • Going away this weekend… super stoked about that.
  • HPT is moving along slowly. A comrade set up a bazaar repository which we’re now using to share code. Probably going to sprint a large portion of it out next weekend. If you’re a python coder, know stuff about making facebook apps and are looking for something fun to do let me know.
  • Uploaded my sailing pics a few days ago…
  • Because everyone seems to think that other people care about the slides they used for a presentation, here are my slides on the talk I gave at the last GeekDinner called “Five ways to live like a Capetonian” [pdf]
  • If anyone knows any good way to repeatedly mount SMB or NFS shares in OSX (after reboot) please let me know.
  • My site will be moving to a new box in Europre soon… ZA bandwidth costs are a pain.
  • My friend rolled his had his landy rolled by someone else over the weekend but has yet to give me any more details other than a link to the pictures… Which means he’s probably pissed off with himself and doesn’t want to talk about it waiting to calm down before talking about it. Eish.
  • Started using Alarm Clock 2 to wake me up in the morning. It’s a neat little app because it can wake up your macbook and does the whole fade in the music thing. Funny how the commercial 50MB competitor doesn’t seem to allow me to set up a repeat alarm or specify which days of the week I want it to run on.
  • “Installed” a UPS on my friends office server a few days ago. Ubuntu detected it and Gnome Power Manager let me set what I wanted to happen when… without installing anything. Toit.
  • I tend to spend more time in my virtual Ubuntu on my macbook than I do in OSX. Attempted to install ubuntu natively over the weekend but it was such a ball-ache I stopped. Dear Lazy-Web, please make an Ubuntu distro tailored for MacBooks.



One thought on “Blog title goes here

  1. I can’t say I had any trouble with Ubuntu on my Macbook, although I haven’t used the new rEFIt approach yet.

    The only tricky bit is that you need madwifi trunk.

    Give me a shout if you need help.

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