@people who tweet



Update: Apparently this post was really nasty and some tweople were offended. I am not a twigot, some of my best friends are tweople and I’d totally invite them into my house and let them use my cutlery I do.

By the way, Jonathan III has a neutral stance on Crocs.


3 thoughts on “@people who tweet

  1. I’ve already objected against Jonathan III’s Mbeki’ism on crocs, however, I do feel that you’re being a bit of a sissy by letting the twagots beat you into removing your post. It was not that rude at all. i’ve heard them say worse.

  2. Yeah I too am curious!

    What was said to offend all those sheeple, err, tweople rather.
    Re-post it and let the sheeple (doh!) cry themselves to sleep… shame diddums…


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