2 litre justification…

.gastable td{

R24 difference.

Vehicle 1.4l Polo 2.0l Polo
km per day 16 16
km per month 352 352
l/100km 6.9 7.6
liters per month 24.29 26.75
Rands per litre 9.5 9.5
Rands per month R 230.74 R 254.14

The fuel economy numbers come from the “combined cycle” values for the vehicles from vw.co.za

The distance is my round trip to work and back every day. I’m obviously ignoring weekends, but even if you double it, R48 a month extra isn’t all that bad.


4 thoughts on “2 litre justification…

  1. It’s fine, my soul is redeemed by helping my friends start their cars after they leave their lights on and run out of petrol simultaneously.

  2. R48 gets you 23 kW extra, which directly translates to more fun, which makes you more productive at work which helps the economy.

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