Thanks for the memories…

Lourens is my best friend… I’ve known him for a long long time and I must admit, he’s a friggen legend.

A few minutes ago he mailed me photos we took in 2006. When we are together we will get up to untold amounts of shit.

Basic story goes that we had a dodgy microwave that we had inherited from one of our friends. It had moved with us from Claremont to Pinelands. It was a dodgy microwave… rusted inside, give you cancer kind of dodgy. There was also a toaster which I think I had inherited from my sister when I first moved out. They  both worked but we didn’t want or need them. We also didn’t know what to do with them and we had to move out the next morning.  We could have given them to a poor person but poor people get cancer too.

So we wrote on them and put them in the roof. With an empty bottle of beer. I have no idea what the beer was for.

Yes, it was childish and infantile. But that is what life is all about. Fun memories you will never forget.

I really really really wish I could see the look on the face of the person who discovered it… If it has been discovered.

Short of torture or ransacking random roofs in Pinelands you will never know what the microwave says.



5 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories…

  1. Hi Nicky,

    No, my kiefness was discovered growing up as a small child in the Swiss Alps. My family was poor, we used to make pasta for the neighbouring villages. That was until the day that Vernon Koekemoer came to town.

  2. So Vernon taught you the scientific secret of how to make the best bread? What else did the LEGENDARY Mr Koekemoer teach you?

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