Why I need to stop reading the comments

I am a comment reader… it’s a bad habit, but, like Pop Idols Auditions, morbidly addictive.

Today I did it again and then wanted to hurt myself.

A comment on a story about german hackers who have crypto-analysed, and cracked, the Keeloq system used by the majority of car manufacturers in their wireless, keyless entry systems. ie. Probably your car’s remote control.

I just don’t get it. This is just another example of the waste of a good mind. If these so called “hackers” would apply some of the God-given talents to some CONstructive activity instead of DEStructive tinkering this screwed-up world we exist in would rapidly change for the better. The same goes to the button pushers who develop video games. WHAT A WASTE! What good comes from a stupid video game depicting death and destruction? This is a blatent demostration of a society with no BALLS! These video-playing little flakes will hide in their homes pushing their little buttons until someone kicks in the doors and all of us wind up speaking Arabic or (worse) Chinese! They won’t have the muscle it takes to defend themselves and our country. How about applying some of that talent to creating something this world NEEDS! In the meantime, hack into one of my cars…I have a real trigger to pull not some plastic button.

Jim Rhea, Bowling Green, KY

Jim Rhea, you are everything that is wrong with the world.


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