Autodesk is mom jeans

Where do I start?

Ok, firstly, the Mom Jeans thing is a polite way of saying “you suck”. It comes from the Hillary meme.

I’ve been planning on building a multiple hard drive mount for ages… Yes I’m a nerd, get over yourself.

Basically I want to build something that can hold up to 8 drives and cool them efficiently. This will sit next to my server and be plugged in via 1m sata cables (as soon as I can find someone in SA who has them)

Being the nerd I am I’ve done some sketches and technical drawings of what I want to put together, but since I am such an incredibly raging nerd I figured I would download the autocad trial and model it properly so that I would have a very accurate cutting list. (The chassis is going to be made out of wood)

I go to the autocad website and click download trial. It says that this offer is only available in the united states and canada… and they do IP based filtering to enforce that.

Now please, for the love of science, WHAT THE EFFF?

What is so special about your trial software that other countries can’t have it? Seriously? Oh, they’ll SELL it to me no matter where I live… but if you want the trial you have to be in North America. What kind of stupid, idiotic, short-sighted, ignorant pea brained idiot thought this up? There I was thinking autocad is so cool and I’m going to use the trial to model my little weekend project… and I end up thinking you’re a bunch of idiots. Well played autodesk, well played.

Obviously I could connect to a shell server in the US and download it from there and then pull it down to South Africa, but, THAT WOULD BE BREAKING THE LAW!!!

Or I could just download the full version that won’t expire via bittorrent.

Doing either would be illegal.

Obviously I did neither.


(As a side note: Yes, I realise that autocad is windows software and I will need to run in it a virtualised windows environment. I could not find any open source alternatives that looked like they would do the job. May the nerdosphere have mercy.)

(As a secondary side note: Autodesk, why do you do this? May I offer a suggestion? Your software is very specifically for a particular set of specialised industries that rely heavily on it. People like me just want to model our little weekend projects. I’m sure there are plenty of people just like me who have probably broken the law (unlike me,obviously), propagating your piracy problems. Why don’t you offer a free lightweight cad program that can be used by hobbyists. I’m sure you know what kind of feature sets would be applicable to hobbyists and what kind of features you could only make available in the full version. This would result in an entire community of people who love your software and your company. Those kinds of people do not pirate. )


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