The Dyatlov Pass "Accident"

Nine experienced mountaineers are found dead in the freezing Russian Urals… from the looks of things they were woken up in the middle of the night and somehow “blinded” by “something”, chased semi-naked through snow into the forest where they tried to make a small fire with green twigs to stay alive… there was perfectly good firewood nearby — they just couldn’t see it… 3 were then killed by “something” and the other six died of hypothermia.

Oh, and one of them had his tongue cut out… and their skin was orange… and this is all supposedly true.

Blair witch eat your heart out. (not literally)

Updated lateness apology: In my rush to get to work this morning I forgot to thank Jonathan Hitchcock for sending me this link.


One thought on “The Dyatlov Pass "Accident"

  1. Just thought I would let you know that currently you rank second behind wikipedia for the term “Dyatlov Pass Accident,” my friend you are officially an authority on the matter 😉

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