2 weeks of search terms

I finally did something that I really should have done a long long time ago. I installed Google Analytics on my personal blog. This is just short of 2 weeks worth of data.

A few things that suprised me.

  1. I didn’t expect to be getting this much search engine traffic
  2. I am suprised how many people search for things Computer Mania, Computicket and Nonna Lina and end up reading my blog. If you take Computer Mania as an example, every day almost 2 people search for “Computer Mania”, no doubt looking for a phone number etc, and end up reading my rant about their crappy service.
  3. I come up for some pretty weird search terms like “what to do when your computer takes a crap“. My answer to that is simple. Install an operating system that doesn’t poo on itself. My suggestion is Linux.
  4. I get some “interesting” traffic ending up at my penis enlargement email spam collection. Most of it has to do with either fetishes or worried men looking for answers to the “does size matter” question. Perhaps I’ll update that page with the search terms… I’ll keep this post clean.
  5. Did Alan Levin break his ankle?

The Results:

Computer Mania Related 26
Computicket Related 18
Alix Linux Related 10
Penis Size Related: 8
Ubuntu Gutsy Related 7
nonna lina 6
arbitrary user 5
cna.co.za related: 4
civil twilight human 2
krugmans grill 2
two faced bitch 2
aslam khan 1
neil garb 1
never had a bad day 1
pascal dornier 1
skye aspden 1
adsl provider for george frogfoot 1
alan levin breaks ankle 1
alcohol promotion girls 1
amphibian 1
animated picture of a boerewors roll 1
arbitrary 1
arbitrary meaning 1
average restaurant mark up 1
bad come in threes 1
bad luck 1
buy computer 1
buying a laptop computer 1
chilli chocolate steak 1
codecaine.co.za 1
cold calling free wine give me home address 1
computer resell 1
disturbing the peace 1
first aid mr muscle 1
food guru 1
funny picture of bush running in special olympics 1
futureshop reginal manager + complaints 1
ideas of setting up a new restaurant 1
mame arcade cabinet +south africa 1
mattress for exercise condense density 1
new ideas to do a restaurant 1
ok,please give me ideas to make money 1
pascal dornier 1
pictures inside the womb 1
pictures of physically retarded children 1
redhill simonstown 1
restaurant it system domain class ideas 1
restaurant review 1
restaurant review jobs 1
restaurant reviews 1
sharpeville massacre 1
shit 1
shit can this computer 1
shit to do on computer 1
user reviews 1
vodashop hout bay close times 1
vpxl 1
what is computing so shit 1
what to do when your computer takes a crap 1
where does luck come from 1
restaurant review costs 0


2 thoughts on “2 weeks of search terms

  1. >> what to do when your computer takes a crap 1

    >>where does luck come from 1
    …When a mommy and a daddy love each other, the daddy sticks his erect….

  2. I am one of hose that searched for Computer Mania’s number and stumbled on your rant! Great reading and very funny. They are an odd bunch.

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