fixes themselves…

A while ago I was moaning about how CNA’s website didn’t want to let me on with my never-before-heard-of-crazy-combo of Ubuntu and Firefox… It seems they’ve fixed that problem which probably also fixed the “telling Google to go away” problem. and

I wonder if that had anything to do with me? They never said anything. Probably because I’m such a big bully.



2 thoughts on “ fixes themselves…

  1. By the way, the guy who thinks I’m a such a big bully is one of the “Nonna Lina” is perfect crew…

  2. I am a avvid reader.I was23 when I started buying books@ cna.Its more than 25years later.I still see the same authors.CNA how about authors like Judith Mcnaught,Iris Johansen,Elizabeth Lowelle,maybe Beverley Barton.PLEASE!I can garantee you will have more sales with an improved author selection.

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