I should blog more… GeekDinner 5 – Eccentric Eggplant

GeekDinner 5 - Eccentric EggplantNo really, I should. I have a really good blog post chomping at the proverbial bit… Even Adrian would approve. (probably not, but a man can have hope)

Anyway, it’s GeekDinner time again, and this one, “Eccentric Eggplant” promises to be a good’un for two reasons… Firstly, I might finally be able to get Derek the marketing guru to do his now – way – too – over – hyped – and – yet – not – delivered – on speil – about – the – old – world – vs – new – world – advertising, and secondly, but most certainly not leastly, my friend Jennie will be talking about her experiences in the world of game development. Yes, she’s a real girl, and yes, she’s a real game developer currently working on something to do with Maya and the Wii. (I like how that rhymes with Maya The Bee).

Sign up here http://wiki.geekdinner.org.za/wiki/Cape_Town_November_2007

Later, Aligator!



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