Becoming an Amphibian

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”
Thomas Jefferson

I make no pretence that anyone besides a few close friends read my blog, but those that do deserve to know.

I resigned. A while back actually. I’m not going to mention names because that would be tacky but I was not happy and for some pretty big reasons.

Vision was the single biggest reason. No vision… or, to be fair, vision without the ability to achieve it. (Actually, vision and the delusion of being able to achieve it.)

So I’m moving to Frogfoot to become a revolutionary.

One day I’ll write a full post on what to look out for in an interview but for now I’ll just bite my tongue.



4 thoughts on “Becoming an Amphibian

  1. Congrats! The frogs are a great bunch, and there’s certainly no lack of vision there.

    (But from what I’ve heard, certainly no lack of back-breaking work either. It’s an easy trade-off, though…)

  2. Hey Neil

    Who have you been talking to? (-:

    The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Taking on 700 new clients can be fun… but we have 4 new people starting in the next few weeks.

  3. Good luck, dude.
    I want to say somethign about vision but I can’t be eloquent today. Too tired, and too hungover.

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