Letter to a well meaning friend…

She asked why I listed my religion as “Pastafarianism”:

Pastafarianism is the belief that the universe is controlled by a flying spaghetti monster. It is a theoretical belief closely linked to the philosophical concept of Russell’s teapot. In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t believe the universe is controlled by spaggethi, and yes, I am trying to make a point.

Do I believe in God? Who knows… Which one are you talking about? There are too many gods out there to believe in… and many, including the Christian god, have a lot of things going against them… I meet too many well meaning, well educated Christians who, despite their university educations, believe that evolution is “made up”, homosexuals are “going to hell” and George Bush is “doing what God is telling him to do”.

I don’t for a second think that any of us are just a coincidence. But I do believe it is, and excuse me if I offend you here, coincidence that you grew up in Pinelands, with Christian parents (I think?) and Christian friends, in an environment where being anything other than a Christian was a bad thing… You could have been born in outer Mongolia and believed in Baluti the Sun God.

It is however not a coincidence that, given the environment that you grew up in, you became a Christian.

I believe that we all get to make a choice for ourselves… and more importantly that nobody has the right to inflict their religion on anybody else.

I am just like you, I chose to not believe in the plethora of gods out there… we both ignore Zeus, Allah, Pulika the great, etc etc etc… except I take it one step further and feel that, given the option of thousands of gods to believe in, believing in the one I coincidentally grew up with is just too damn convenient to “surrender my life to”.


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