A long weekend.

Right, I’ve decided to start doing more stuff. Getting out. Taking photos etc… as part of that mission I’ve decided to start documenting the banality of my life. This is the equivalent of a scale when you’re trying to lose weight. Except you share the results with everyone which can be a bit scary if you spent the weekend in bed watching Dilbert. I also have a crap memory, so please correct any misreprentations I might have put you in.

  • Friday evening I arbed around the house until Lourens came over and got the craving for macdonalds. I tagged along and didn’t partake.
  • Saturday morning I went to cocoa wah wah with Terri for breakfast then went home and watched cricket while falling asleep on the sofa.
  • Saturday afternoon I  went to Cape To Cuba for Thea’s birthday party and met a whole stack of interesting people. Photos to follow.
  • Sunday morning I went to Canal Walk with Lourens and then afterwards went to work and updated my Ubuntu.
  • Sunday afternoon I met up with Bobby to give him his keys to my parents house.
  • Sunday evening I had drinks with Neil and Skye.
  • Monday morning I got up, cleaned up my parents house and fetched them from the airport, had apple crumble with vanilla custard and answered questions about the breakup…
  • Monday afternoon was a braai in Stellenbosh with some very interesting guys. The most interesting of whom seems to have a thing for Dolly Parton lookalikes. Eww.

I think that’s a pretty respectable weekend.



One thought on “A long weekend.

  1. Hmmm, it was rugby (I’d know cos I’m not all that much of a fan) and Bad Men, sorry, VERY Bad Men, or something equally as bizarre.

    And breakfast was lovely.


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