Can you spot the two faced bitch?

So, someone recently pointed me to some random girl’s blog about how she doesn’t like it when people rip off George Bush… she feels that we don’t have the life experiences to know what it takes to run a country and so therefore we should just shut up. Besides the fact that she is patently wrong and by her argument the only people fit to criticise bush would be other presidents, she is also, sad to say, a two faced bitch.

From her flickr site


Ahhhhh, man… so touching…. look how her heart is touched by the poor disabled child…. Someone like that would never make fun of disabled people on her blog…

Oh shit, wait…

From her blog

No no, shut your pie hole

Oh no. You. Didn’t!.

Paris Hilton would be so proud.

PS. I’m not giving this bitch any linkage… I’m sure she has a cellphone, if she wants to be famous she can use it like Paris.


7 thoughts on “Can you spot the two faced bitch?

  1. She’s a hypocrite? Dude, you’re an asshole.

    You find someone disagreeing with your views about George Bush, so instead of replying to her on her own blog about it, you cowardly slink off to your own blog, post a picture of her, and call her a two faced bitch because she uses the “arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics” meme photo? So anyone who’s ever used this photo…hates… retarded…children?

    Then, after you’ve come to the conclusion that she… “hates retarded children” because she’s used one of the most popular meme pics on the entire fucking internet, she must … have the wrong opinion about George Bush?

    I don’t like George Bush either, but you’re just an asshole and a coward who’s too afraid (and/or stupid) to argue his point of view.

    You’re not really worth the time it took to write this. I’d post the “arguing on the internet…” photo, but you’d miss the point entirely and think I hated children with learning disabilities.

  2. I don’t know if I actually do disagree with her opinions of George. I don’t think she ever relayed her actual opinion of him… I *think* what she was trying to say was how “retarded” people who criticise bush are.

    Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. I don’t really have an opinion.

    My issue was her tasteless use of pictures of physically and mentally disabled children and subsequent (or previous) comments about how much she was moved by other disabled children.

    By all means, be strong, stick up for yourself, kick a disabled child where it hurts the most… but then at least be consistent enough to not get all soft and mushy on them later.



    ps. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Out of interest, how many campaigns for children with learning disabilities have you worked on or created? Because that’s where those photos come from.

    Truly, your bashing of a stranger, who has actually done something to help these kids, makes you the hero in this situation.

    How brave of you.

    Posting a funny picture of a retarded child in the context of calling someone a retard doesn’t make you a child hater anymore than owning a digital camera and a flickr account makes you a “photographer”.

    ps. This isn’t a blog. It’s a collection of points supporting her argument that some people who hate George Bush are retards.

    Move to America, vote Republican and stop giving the rest of us a bad name.

  4. Hi lolcakes.

    I think you’re missing the point. I called her two-faced… I never said she didn’t do anything good in the world.


    ps. Thanks for reading my blog.

  5. Yes, you called her two-faced because she didn’t hold your popular opinion about George Bush, and so you looked around and dug for something that would make you feel better than her, that you could show your friends on your blog without risking your own ego by responding on hers.

    That’s -my- point.

    You’re an asshole, a coward and a bully, all rolled into one.

  6. I called her two faced because she said how moved she was by disabled people on her flickr site and then made fun of disabled people on her blog. Those two opposing opinions are pretty straight forwardly two faced.

    I’ve said this a few times already and you don’t seem to get it so I’m closing the commentary.


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