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liftshot_smaller.jpgThis is the personal site of me, Jonathan Endersby, a 30 something  living in Africa.

Who am I?

A Zen Buddhist once asked me who I was. I started listing my traits, characteristics, even qualifications. He said nothing. Eventually I had run out of things to say and he asked me again, “Who are you?”. I eventually replied, “Jonathan Endersby”. He smiled and said “Correct”.

At the time it didn’t make much sense, but as time passes I am realising the simplicity in being just you… not wanting to be things, characteristics, traits etc… just being you.

I am Jonathan Endersby. There is no one else quite like me.

However, since you’re about my “About Me” page I guess you want me to list those characteristics. I love technology but want to live on a farm, with goats and chickens. I love business but am addicted to the nuts and bolts of systems. I love hiking, but I could lose a few kilos. I bake bread, love growing vegetables and, when I get the time, enjoy tinkering with electronics.

I love writing, although recently I have not had nearly enough time to write, the same goes for photography. I consider myself an open source evangelist, but I won’t cry if you use Windows (or OSX). I’m supposedly a business analyst but the more I learn about business analysis the more I realise how ridiculous everything I was taught was. I write software… I am not the best programmer in the world but I get the job done.

I live in Cape Town (South Africa) with my wife Lynnae and our three cats, two ducks and a dog.

I believe the world is far more fascinating than religion would have you believe. I believe mankind can be good. I am an optimist. I believe that being a good person, and doing good, is more important than being successful.

I take pictures. I write about my life and the things that happen to me. It’s a journal, don’t get too critical. Sometimes I piss people off. I don’t mind. Not everyone can like me.

My idea of a good day is a walk on the mountain. I like food. I think I can tell the difference between good food and bad food. Some people disagree… mostly the people who make the bad food.

I love simple, revolutionary ideas. I run Linux on all my servers, OSX on my macbook. If I had my way I would be sailing.

You can contact me via email at arbitraryuser at that google mail place domain. I am also similarly available via google talk.

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